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10 Simple Ways To Be Kind


Simple acts of kindness go a long way. Think back to the last time someone held the elevator door for you, complimented your new haircut, or genuinely asked how you were doing. These little things can sometimes make a world of a difference. This week, we are challenging you to be kind. These do not have to be huge gestures that require a lot of planning or money, they can be small and easily squeezed into your lifestyle. Here are ten simple ways to be kind to get you started. 


1. Pay it forward on your next coffee run


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When you pick up your next skinny vanilla latte - pay it forward. Take care of the person behind you. This small gesture can snowball into a whole day of good vibes and giving back.


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2. Call your parents


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Though your parents are undoubtedly some of the most important people in your life, catching up with them can sometimes fall through the cracks as you navigate your own life. Remember to give them a call this week, and thank them for all they have done for you.


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3. Make a small donation 


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Though we all wish we could solve all the world’s problems in one day, we can’t. But we can start small. Pick a charity that speaks to you, and give whatever you can. At Joriki our mantra is to #lookforwardgiveback, and we we give back to charity with every purchase. Kiva is one that is close to our hearts - an organization that provides micro loans to woman that are struggling financially with entrepreneurial spirits. With each purchase of our Mantra Tee - available in 3 colors - a percentage of the sale goes back to Kiva. Give back while getting yourself a little something too. 


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4. Offer someone a genuine compliment


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If there is a fashionista in your office that you constantly look to for outfit inspo, let them know how much you love their style. Offer someone a genuine compliment this week. It will make their day to know that their efforts do not go unnoticed, and let's be honest, making someone feel good makes us feel good too.


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5. Pick up some litter


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The world is our oyster, so let's keep her clean! If you see any litter on the street this week, take a few seconds out of your day to toss it into the nearest trash can. It is a small gesture, but a gesture nonetheless. 


Featuring @abigail.corinne on a lovely Chicago stoop, in our Black Mantra tee and High Waisted Black Legging. Put on this crazy comfortable outfit and go make the world a cleaner place! 


6. Take your dog to the park


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Our four legged friend's needs can sometimes come second to our own - this week put them first. Take them on a walk to the park and play fetch with their favorite toy. Remember - they are only part of your life, but to them, you are their whole entire life. 


Featuring @rescueinstyle in our Chicago Legging! Christine (@rescueinstyle) is one of our AMAZING partners who works tirelessly to serve shelter animals all around Chicago. If you are looking to help these four-legged souls, we recommend volunteering at one of our favorite shelters, Chicago Canine Rescue. There can never be too many people for these pups to play with so head over and give them the gift of your time.


Get yourself a pair of these showstopping Chicago leggings and give back to Girl Forward - a Chicago organization that helps refugee girls find their voice and empowerment after moving to America. 


7. Get lunch at a local restaurant


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Skip your regular order at Panera this week and eat somewhere local. Being a small business, we know how important it is to shop local. Discover something new near you today!


Featuring @anovak4 in our Twisted Back Panda Tank. This tank is super versatile - perfect for when you're at a yoga class OR chowing down on some donuts! 


8. Write a special note to someone


thank you note


Make sure a friend, family member, or loved one knows that they are special, loved, and appreciated. Write a sweet note to someone deserving. A few thoughtful words can go a long way. 


We would like to take a moment to thank one of our favorite yogis, @fitgirl_ofthesky for this amazing thank you note. Receiving this warmed our hearts and made our day much better. Add this personal touch during your next interaction with a stranger. 


9. Donate old clothes


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The clothes that you haven’t worn since last year that you keep holding onto can really make a difference for someone else. Go through your clothes and pick out the pieces that you haven’t worn in years. If it's been more than a year, chances are you will never wear them again.


Featuring @abigail.corinne in the perfect back to school outfit! Our simple Mantra Tee and High Waisted Black Legging makes a great outfit to strut around campus in. 


10. Offer to babysit for one of your friends who needs a night out


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So your friends have somehow become superheros after having children. They're doing it all - going to work, sporting events, packing lunches etc. Truth is, everyone could use a break. Offer up your time so that your favorite couple can have a night out.


Featuring @yogawithbrittney in our Mantra Tee and Cool Cirebon Mini Shorts - the perfect outfit to chase the little ones around in! 


There it is - these ten ways to give back that are so quick and simple that just about anyone can do them! This week, try not to focus on yourself, but on how you could help other people. You do not have to perform some grand gesture for it to be worthwhile, because as we all know, the small things have the biggest impact.


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