10 Yoga Poses to Practice in Under Ten Minutes

10 Yoga Poses to Practice in Under Ten Minutes


While we love practicing yoga, it can be hard to fit it into our daily lives. Our hectic professional and personal schedules do not always revolve around us getting on our mat. Today, we want to share some yoga poses that are relaxing, beneficial, and, best of all, only take a few minutes to practice. We love practicing these simple poses, and hope you are inspired to grab your mat!


1. Backbend Poses


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Backbend poses are great for stimulating the nervous and lymphatic systems, which is a fancy way of saying that they release adrenaline - giving you a quick burst of energy. Try doing this pose in the middle of the work day - it will help give you the strength to stay focused and finish the day out strong!


2. Chair Pose


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We aren’t going to lie - chair pose can be challenging. It requires stamina, focus, and concentration - all things that are definitely worth working on. In a sense, it forces you to be present in the moment and can even be a helpful way to meditate. It will be hard to become distracted when doing this pose!


3. Child’s Pose


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We love taking a moment to do this pose right when we wake up. It is a great jumpstart to a busy, busy day. The best part - this pose couldn't be more simple. Just sit on your legs and stretch your arms out in front of you while taking deep breaths. Practicing this easy yoga pose is an excellent way to ease into your morning and practice yoga before you even get out of bed! 


4. Lotus Pose


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Most yogis are very familiar with lotus pose. It was probably one of the first poses you did when you started on your yoga journey, and most likely still incorporate into your practice today. Despite its label as a “beginner pose,” it should not be written off as something only beginners should practice. This simple pose, which involves placing each foot on the opposite thigh, is an excellent addition to any yoga routine. Taking a few minutes to sit in this position and meditate on a daily basis can easily provide mental clarity and focus.


5. Tree Pose


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This standing balance yoga pose not only helps us focus, but it also helps us to learn how to properly utilize our abdominal muscles. Just place your foot on your inner thigh, maintain your balance, and tone that core, girl!


6. Eagle Pose


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Eagle pose is another one of our personal favorites! This pose can be done anywhere - it can be practiced in sitting, kneeling (pictured) and standing variations. Try doing this pose after a long day of being hunched over a desk - it is an excellent way to stretch the shoulders and upper back.


7. Partner Yoga Poses

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While we love a good, solo yoga practice, flowing with a friend can motivate you to work harder and attempt new poses. Work into this backbend and try to synchronize your breath, you’ll feel stretched and connected to your friends!


8. Corpse Pose


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We can’t think of anything more relaxing than resting in corpse pose. While it looks like all you’re doing is laying on your back, it’s important to stay in a meditative and mindful state while practicing it. We recommend paying close attention to your breathing and focusing on inhaling through the nose and out through the mouth. Doing this pose at night is a great way to become more relaxed before falling asleep.


9. Bridge Pose


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Bridge pose is super simple, provides an amazing stretch, and is known for relieving menstrual cramps (hallelujah!). Just get on your knees and lean back - really using your core to control your movements.


10. Standing Forward Bend


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Aaaand our final quick yoga pose is the standing forward bend! This pose is perfect for stretching the calves, hamstrings, and knees. If you spend your day standing on your feet or constantly walking, this yoga pose is the one for you! Take a moment to do this bend after your work day to alleviate muscle tension and pain.


We hope you enjoyed reading up on these quick and easy yoga poses! Whether you practice these poses during your lunch break at work, commercial breaks, or before you start your day, they offer a simple way to incorporate yoga into your everyday life. Feel free to tag a friend below that you think would appreciate this post!


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