5 Grounding Yoga Poses

5 Grounding Yoga Poses


Ground yourself.  

It’s a term we have all heard our amazingly zen yoga instructors say to us as we relax into a pose and pretend to know exactly what they mean.

I’m practicing on the ground, so I’m grounded. Right?

Not quite. Being physically grounded is an important component, but it is only half the battle. You have to ground yourself mentally as well.

We are constantly in our heads, all freaking day, all the time. Whether we are thinking about work, friends, family, school - we are always thinking about something. Grounding yourself is a chance to let the energy from your head flow down through your body, and into the ground. Give yourself a break. Every responsibility and worry you have will still be there when you are done with your yoga practice. Let yourself enjoy a few minutes of complete emptiness. You may even be able to come up with better solutions to all of life’s worries once you have a clear head. Keep reading for 5 grounding yoga poses that will have you feeling the sense of balance that’s been missing from your hectic life.


1. Triangle Pose


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Root your feet into the ground and open up your chest. When you inhale, feel the air come from your feet, flow through your body to the tips of your fingers, then release it back down - for as many breaths as you need. You will feel an amazingly light sensation around your heart, while your energy passes through your feet and into the ground.


2. Tree Pose


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It only makes sense that one of the most grounding poses is Tree Pose. When doing this yoga pose, channel your inner child and imagine that you are a tree. Try to imagine what it would feel like to have thick roots that connect you deep into the earth. Keep your breaths slow and steady, as you feel yourself get out of our head and come back down to earth.


3. Upward-Facing Dog Pose


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Dogs may not be the best example of calm creatures, but this pose will have you feeling refreshed and balanced. Get down in this pose and really straighten your arms. Feel your energy and power flow through your hands and the tops of your feet, into the ground. Stay there for 3-5 breaths.


4. Handstand with Eagle Legs


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This is the perfect yoga pose to flow into from downward dog. Step your feet forward, then use your abdominal strength to lift your legs up and straight over your head. Don’t forget to breathe as you cross your legs. Stay in this pose for as little or as long as you can, really focusing on weight of your hands against the ground.
Tip: If you aren’t able to do a handstand quite yet, attempt this pose with your back to a wall, and press against the wall with your toes.


5. Easy Pose


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Doesn’t it make sense that the simplest of poses would clear our cluttered heads? Finish off your practice by sitting down - evenly on each cheek - creating a balanced foundation. Feel your bones press into the ground and inhale, straightening your back. Release your breath and let it flow out of your chest. Repeat this as many times as you wish (we could stay in this pose ALL day).

Nowadays, it seems that everyone is struggling to keep their anxiety under control. We can’t help it, we live in a crazy world. What we can do, is try to find ways to channel our inner peace and get away from the world for even a second. People everywhere have used yoga as an outlet to relieve the stresses and anxiety of everyday life. If you are feeling lost, trapped, or anywhere in between - give these 5 grounding yoga poses a shot to bring you back down to earth.


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