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5 Must Try Restaurants in Chicago


5 best restaurants to try in chicago

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Chicago, home of the deep dish pizza, Chicago style hot dogs, and arguably, the best food around. On top of serving up delicious food, Chicago is also known for its unique and urban restaurants, fun ambiances, and style of food. If it’s edible, you’ll find it in the city!

After a good sweat sesh or yoga class in Chicago, if you find yourself in need of a treat, we have you covered. This blog is especially for all you foodies here in the city who are always looking for a new spot to try and a new meal photo to add to the gram. In this blog, we’ve listed five must-try restaurants in Chicago.

Disclaimer: We are very passionate about health and wellness, we love clean eating 75% of the time. But with that said, some of our picks in this piece are for a day where you want to indulge and treat yourself. It's okay to cure your sweet tooth every now and then ;)


1. BomboBar - West Loop

832 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607


5 must try Restaurants in Chicago  5 must try Restaurants in Chicago

@bombobar                                                             @hangryhiphoes


Bombobar is a fast, walk-up window where you can find desserts ranging from coffee, gelato, donuts, Italian pastries, and more. What makes Bombobar unique is the style the desserts are presented in and the various toppings. During the hot summer days, you can grab gelato, coffee/tea, sandwiches and more while relaxing in their outdoor seating. During the winter, you can order their famous hot chocolates!

2. Nini’s Deli - West Town

543 N Noble St, Chicago, IL 60642


5 must try Restaurants in Chicago  5 must try Restaurants in Chicago

@2chichicks                                       @ninisdeli


Nini’s Deli is a family-owned restaurant that specializes in Latin American cuisine. At this Deli, you can find empanadas, churros, Cuban sandwiches, coffee, and more! Along with this, they also have vegetarian-friendly options. When you visit Nini’s Deli, make sure to take a picture in front of the resultant against their hot pink wall! Here at Joriki, we recommend trying their sweet empanadas that are filled with guava and goat cheese and an iced coffee.  

3. Stan’s Donuts - multiple locations


5 must try Restaurants in Chicago



For all you donut lovers, Stan's Donuts is a must try. This donut shop has creative treats ranging from original glazed donuts covered in cereal, ice cream filled donuts, and more. If you’re a vegan with a sweet tooth, they have dairy free and gluten free options!

4. Joe & The Juice - multiple Locations


5 must try Restaurants in Chicago



If you’re looking for organic pressed juices, juice shots, power shakes, coffee, and healthy sandwiches then stop by Joe & The Juice! This is the perfect spot to stop after a good sweat sesh or yoga class in Chicago. Their fresh and large selection of juices will give your body the nutrition and energy you need. Here at Joriki, we recommend trying the Joe’s Green Mile juice!


5. Parlor Pizza Bar - West Loop, Wicker Park, River North

108 N Green St., 1824 W. Division St., 20 W. Kinzie


5 must try Restaurants in Chicago  5 must try Restaurants in Chicago



Chicago is home to some of the best pizza you can find, but what’s a good dinner without an even better dessert? Parlor Pizza Bar is the perfect spot for this! You can choose from their selections of pizza or build your own, and finish it off with their popular dessert tacos. Their dessert tacos are stuffed with gelato or ice cream and topped with fun toppings like gummy worms, sprinkles, and more. While you visit, you can also take a photo in front of the famous pizza wings outside the restaurant! If you’re looking for other fun spots in the City to take pictures, check out our blog on the Top 10 Insta-Worthy Spots in Chicago.

Whether you live in the city or are planning a visit, these spots are definitely a must try, and one might become your next foodie spot! If you're not feeling like going out to eat, check out our blog on Five Healthy Dinner Recipes. Don’t forget to keep up with us on Instagram at @jorikiyoga, and if you’re in Chicago, come visit us at our showroom! We give in-person shopping discounts, so please send us an Instagram DM or email us at info@joriki.com to book an appointment. Happy reading (and eating) yogis!


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