5 Must-Try Workout Classes in Chicago

5 Must-Try Workout Classes in Chicago


While we love a solo gym sesh, workout classes have a unique way of motivating us and making us get the most out of our workout. All you have to do is show up and let your instructor guide you through the rest. Keep reading for 5 Must-Try Workout Classes in Chicago. 


1. Inferno 60 Hot Pilates at 105f


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It’s no secret that we love hot yoga. It allows us get a deeper stretch, gives our skin a wonderful glow, and makes us feel instantly lighter. If you are a fan of all of these benefits but want to experience more of an intense workout, book yourself an Inferno 60 Hot Pilates class at 105f. This class (obviously) takes place in a hot room and consists of high intensity interval training (HIIT) using pilates techniques. This full body workout will have your muscles on fire (in all of the best ways) and metabolism working hard for the rest of the day. Inferno 60 Hot Pilates is available at all three 105f locations (South Loop, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park) so grab a buddy and reserve your spot today! Sign up here


2. Circuit Work It at Frog Temple


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Frog Temple is one of our favorite pilates studios, not to mention the longest running in Chicago! Try out this amazing studio by booking their Circuit Work It class. This high intensity group equipment class will get your heart pounding and your booty working. If you are looking for a workout comprised of slow and controlled movements, Circuit Work It is for you. Book your class today.


3. Buddha Burn at Zen Yoga Garage


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As mentioned above, we love working out in hot rooms. The heat gets our heart rate up, helps us sweat out toxins, and just makes us feel brand new. Buddha Burn at Zen Yoga Garage is a personal Joriki favorite - we absolutely love it! This 50 minute full body workout incorporates weights and takes place in an 85-95 degree room. If you are in need of an intense full body workout- look no further. Sign up here.


4. Wake Up & Flow with Royal Pigeon at 31st Street Harbor


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Since Chicago can get really hot in the summer, we love to spend our days cooling off in and around Lake Michigan. Plenty of Chicagoans feel the same, so what if we told you that you could get your workout done on the water? Wake Up & Flow with Royal Pigeon at 31st Street Harbor is a stand up paddleboard yoga class that will test your balance all while providing you with an incredible view. This class is an amazingly zen way to start your day and can easily segue into an awesome day at the beach. Book your class today.


5. Air Class at Air - Aerial Fitness


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If you're a little bored of traditional yoga classes, you have to try an Air class. These 50 minute classes are an intense combination of conditioning movements, pilates, ballet, and HIIT. You will spend class suspended in the air, relying on your core strength to guide you through the movements. This class is hard, but the quick results will have you running back. Some people have seen ab definition after just one class - yes please! Sign up for their AIR class at any of their three locations (River North, Lincoln Park, South Loop)


If you are in a workout slump or just want to try something new, hit up one of these studios and book a class. While each class is very different, they will definitely get your heart rate up and give you that post-workout high we all love. This summer has seen enough sitting around, book a class and get moving! 


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