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5 places that should be on your bucket list


If you love traveling as much as we do then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to be a world-traveling yogi or you want to plan that one big trip of a lifetime, it can be challenging to choose where you want to go when there are so many beautiful places to choose from! Here at Joriki, traveling holds a special place in our hearts, that's why some of our collections are inspired by patterns from all around the world. And in addition, the collections go back to those specific communities that inspired them. In no specific order, here are 5 places that should be on your bucket list.


1 - Costa Rica

5 places that should be on your bucket list



If you’re looking for adventure then head over to Costa Rica. Costa Rica, located in Central America in between Mexico and South America, is a known for their vibrant rainforests, beaches, zip lining, snorkeling, cliff diving, and so much more. And don’t forget to take in the rich culture.


5 places that should be on your bucket list

Photo from www.marytilsenyoga.com on a past retreat


If you’re looking for a travel buddy to head over to Costa Rica with, look no further. Mary Tilsen, one of our amazing partners, leads yoga retreats and Costa Rica just happens to be one of the destinations. To learn more about Mary and her retreats, you can find her website here and Instagram here.

2 - México

5 places that should be on your bucket list

@cassheridan - Pyramids in Cancun, Mexico


From the Aztec pyramids, vibrant cities, rich culture, rainforest, beaches and more, Mexico is more than a hot spot for spring break. Mexico is known for their beautiful cities, rich culture, rainforests, wildlife, and stunning beaches.


5 places that should be on your bucket list



Looking to take a yoga retreat in Mexico? Check out Chicago yoga instructor Cat Aldana and her company Eat Stretch Nap to find out how you can take a retreat with them to Mexico and other places around the world!


3 - Bali

5 places that should be on your bucket list

@sashajuliard - The sekumpul waterfall in Bali


Want to chase waterfalls like Tarzan and Jane? Then pack your bathing suits and take a trip to North Bali to visit nature's wonders like the sekumpul waterfall. Where the weather is beautiful all year round, you’ll feed your adventurous side in Bali.


Bali is also a well-known place to take yoga retreats, meditation retreat, and more. If you’re looking to take a yoga retreat to Bali, check out Mary Tilsens retreat schedule here!

4 - Hawaii

5 places that should be on your bucket list

@jess.wondering - Maui


You can’t go wrong when you’re choosing between what Hawaiian Island you want to visit. The breathtaking scenery, volcanos, deep blue ocean, and palm trees at every corner is what makes Hawaii paradise and arguably one of the best places in the world to do beach yoga!


5 - Iceland

5 places that should be on your bucket list

@bucketlister - The Blue Lagoon in Iceland


If you’re looking for dramatic landscapes, breathtaking scenery, black sand beaches, and the world's famous Blue Lagoon, then Iceland is calling your name. Located in Europe, just east of Greenland, Iceland is known for their hidden gems and beautiful scenery.


5 places that should be on your bucket list

@braedin - a black sand beach in Iceland


“Oh, the places you’ll go.” - Dr. Seuss


We hope we’ve just made your travel bucket list a little longer or sparked your travel bug. But if we’re being honest, this list could go on for forever, the world is a beautiful place and the possibilities are endless! Next time you take your next big trip, take your favorite piece of Joriki Yoga apparel with you and tag us @jorikiyoga! We would love to see what wonderful places you and your Joriki pieces are going.


If you’re in Chicago, don’t forget to visit us at our showroom! We give in-person shopping discounts, so please send us an Instagram DM @jorikiyoga, email us at info@joriki.com, or book an appointment here. Happy reading yogis!


5 places that should be on your bucket list

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