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5 Ways to Manage Stress


We love to think of each day as new and full of opportunity, but the pressure to make each day a success can be a lot! We put together a list of 5 ways to manage stress so you can feel at ease while simultaneously being at your busiest.


1. Journal the day out: with gratitude 


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While it’s easy for us to end our day worried about what we should’ve/could’ve/would’ve done, there are so many things in our lives that we need to be grateful for. Writing out your worries has proven to release stress, but instead of keeping a journal that focuses on our negative and stressful moments, try keeping a gratitude journal. At the end of each day, take a moment to write out everything you are feeling grateful for. This will remind you to appreciate the beauty in everyday life. Many yogis agree that Yoga + Journaling is a great combo. Yoga will relax your active mind and  journaling right after will give you the opportunity to count your blessings with a clear mind.


2. Guided imagery 


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If the gloomy Chicago winter days have you on the verge of a mental breakdown, take your mind to a different place with some guided imagery. While it sounds too simple to be effective, thing again. Imagining yourself floating in a pool of cotton candy while being served yummy cocktails in the South of France can send your mind in the direction of positive thinking.

Bonus Tip: Combine these thoughts with some relaxing yoga poses is a match made in heaven.


3. Have a tea + cleaning date with yourself 


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If you are one of the many people that get overwhelmed by a mess - this one's for you. We subscribe to the idea that in order to declutter your mind, you have to declutter your life. Since mess may be a factor in what’s stressing you out, cleaning it is the only way to solve the problem. Throw on your favorite Joriki yoga clothes, brew your favorite cup of tea, and get your life organized in a beautiful way, girl!


4. Go on a walk, solo


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Plug your headphones in, and tune the world out. Create a playlist of your favorite feel-good songs and venture through your neighborhood-solo. Use your time alone to process your thoughts. You can even set goals to power-walk through some songs, and by the time your playlists ends, your negative thoughts will have (hopefully) left your mind and you will be at ease.


5. Learn to say no 


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Have you ever dragged yourself to social events or agreed to plans simply because you were afraid of missing an epic time? Or that if you didn’t go, people would be upset with. If so, it is time to start saying "no!" Well, put an end to the people pleasing! Please yourself. Instead of trying to make other people happy, focus on your own happiness. Learning to say no is a beautiful thing and instant way to relieve stress.Instead of going to that party that you are dreading Friday night, plan a celebratory night in, alone. Instead of meeting up with friends after work, let them know that you had a busy week and that you just want to go to a yoga class and have a quiet dinner alone. We all live very busy lives, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying no.

Side Note: This does not apply to plans that you have already committed to, and we do not endorse flaky last minute cancellations. If you already have the plans, then we suggest you don't bail! But with that said, we are recommending that for next time, instead of saying yes, you say no.


If your ever-growing mental to-do list is starting to get way too overwhelming, then we recommend trying any of these 5 ways to manage stress. Life is too short and too beautiful for you to not feel like the best version of yourself. We hope this blog can help add some more joy and love to your life, and please let us know you thoughts on these methods (and if you have any of your own!).


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