5 Yoga Poses That You Can Do With Your Partner To Build Trust in Your Relationship

5 Yoga Poses That You Can Do With Your Partner To Build Trust in Your Relationship


One of the best things to do with your partner is to work out together. Whether it’s running, going to the gym, playing sports, or practicing a daily calisthenics routine, the activity of exercising with your partner gives both of you shared experiences and time spent together.


One great exercise to try out with your partner is yoga. Many people may not be aware that yoga is not just a solo practice. There are certain moves that will not only test you physically but will also help in strengthening your trust with your partner and eventually, also improve your relationship.


1. Grounding / Seated Centering 


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This yoga pose gives you and your partner an opportunity to forge a connection with each other as well as be in touch with your physical and spiritual environment. It also serves as a preparation for you and give you the right mindset as you begin your routine.


To do this move you have to face your partner, sit cross-legged and place your hands on each other’s knee. You can use a pillow, a mat or a folded towel to make sitting on the floor more comfortable. Next, take a few moments to look at your partner without saying anything which will give you a chance to deepen your connection. Take at least ten deep breaths in and out as you continue to look into your partner’s eyes.


2. Cat Cows 

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This is a combination of two poses that are often paired with each other. Doing this move will provide an amazing stretch for different muscles including those on your hips, abdominals and your back. This could also help in chest and lung expansion so focusing on your breathing while doing this move will be beneficial.


To do seated cat cows, remain seated and reach for the forearms of your partner. Release your shoulders down and back while still maintaining the grip firmly. Next, inhale while lifting your chest up towards the ceiling – this will create a slight arch in your back. Then, exhale as you draw your chin into your chest and spreading your shoulder blades apart, creating an outward, rounded arch in your upper and middle back.


Do twelve rounds of this exercise following the same movement. This will warm up your spine while relaxing your back and chest area.


3. Back to Back Chair Pose 


This pose allows you to depend on your partner for support. Aside from being an amazing way to strengthen your leg muscles and build mobility in your ankles, this move teaches you that you can rely and trust your partner in order to complete anything you set your mind to, as long as you do it together. 


To perform this yoga move, start by standing back to back with your partner. Keep your arms relaxed by your side and press your back firmly to your partner’s back while walking a few steps away from your partner. Still with your backs together, lower down to assume a sitting position as if you are sitting on a chair by slowly bending your knees until your knees reach a 90-degree angle.  Pause and take at least five breaths before raising your body up again, with your back still firmly pressed together.


4. Seated Forward Backbend


This yoga pose serves as a deep stretching move for your back and leg muscles. How it works is you use your partner’s strength in order to get a more intense stretch. To perform this pose, start by maintaining a seated position on the floor back-to-back with your partner. Extend your legs straight and start to fold your upper body forward. At the same time, your partner’s legs must be bent on the knee with feet flat on the floor, while your partner leans back towards your back. Hold for at least five breaths then go back to the starting position then switch so you are the one leaning back and your partner is bending forward. 


This move is quite challenging especially if one of you has more flexibility than the other, which means there is a need for you to constantly check on each other to ensure that you can handle the pressure. It would be recommended to start slowly and gradually increase the pressure instead of immediately pushing intensely.


5. Double Plank Pose


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Many people are already familiar with the plank; in fact, this stationary exercise has become a fad a few years back with a lot of people holding their planks as long as they could. The plank as an isolated move is known to be a great core exercise while also developing strength, as well as balance, stability, and endurance. However, when done with your partner to create a double plank position, this power move becomes something that not only develops you physically but also pushes your limits and strengthen your trust with one another.


This is a more advanced move that requires you and your partner to have remarkable core and total body strength. It may take a few trial and error (or maybe a lot) before you master this pose but the process of getting there is worth it. It tests your cooperation and builds your confidence with each other as you move towards achieving one goal.


To do this pose, the stronger partner must first assume a plank position, ensuring that the partner’s arms are straight with the wrist lined up under the shoulders, core engaged, and legs straight. Then the second partner must do a plank over the first partner, facing the other way. Do this by grabbing the ankles of the first partner in plank then stepping over the hips, then placing one foot up the partner’s shoulders one at a time. Both partners must be strong enough to maintain the pose for three to five breaths.


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Rebecca Smith started calisthenics at age 26 as a means to lose weight and tone her body. After completing her first successful muscle up, the amazing feeling inspired her to train further and become a full-time calisthenics instructor. Rebecca also holds a Management Degree and a Diploma in Nutrition.

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