6 Amazing Yogis That Inspire Us

6 Amazing Yogis That Inspire Us 


Sometimes, we all need an extra boost of motivation in our lives. Even though we love our favorite inspirational quotes that we wrote about in a blog post in the past, today we wanted to share six yogis that we find to be truly amazing. Although each is distinct and unique in their personal story, all share the common theme of making us feel empowered and inspired. They each have definitely made a lasting impression on us, and we hope that you will be able to feel the same way after reading more about them!


1. Tao Porchon-Lynch


100 year old yoga instructor



Each week, Tao teaches six to eight yoga classes in New York. Oh, and Tao is also 100 years old. Tao leads various yoga programs around the world, and she was named “the oldest yoga teacher in the world in 2012” in the Guinness Book of World Records. She is not only an amazing yoga teacher, but she also has been a competitive ballroom dancer, film producer, and actress. We're not gonna lie, the fact that a 100-year-old woman can do yoga poses that we can't even do is a tad bit embarrassing on our end, but Tao’s active lifestyle and positive disposition reminds us that we are never too old to start a hobby or try something new.


2. Matthew Sanford


matthew sanford yoga


At the age of thirteen, Mathew was involved in a traumatic car accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Despite this, Matthew was able to find a new outlook on his life and began practicing yoga when he was 25. Today, Matthew teaches yoga across the country at conferences and studios. He specifically teaches individuals with disabilities. Matthew is a powerful public speaker and a pioneer in adapting yoga for individuals that are paralyzed and disabled. We are so moved by his passionate mission to make yoga accessible and beneficial for everyone.


3. Kim Bauman


kim bauman one love movement


After going on a humanitarian trip to Haiti in 2012, Kim Bauman felt incredibly empathetic and compassionate for orphaned children in the area. Months later, Kim founded the One Love Movement, a group advocating for children and minorities. Every year, One Love hosts a large yoga event in San Diego to help raise money for these individuals. In 2018, over 600 people came to the One Love event in San Diego. Doing yoga to help others? That sounds like something we can easily relate to! A percentage of all our sales go to various charities and organizations, so we love Kim’s mission to use yoga as a way to give back to others, and also support our mantra #lookforwardgiveback.


4. Karina Ayn Mirsky


yoga and meditation teacher



After being diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in 2003, Karina utilized yoga throughout the recovery process of her illness. Today, Karina actively works with individuals with terminal and severe illness and aids them in incorporating yoga in their recovery. She specializes in training yoga teachers, as well as supporting individuals through difficult, transitional periods. We strive to be like Karina in her ability to always be willing to help others in their times of vulnerability and need.


5. Shiva Rea


global yoga teacher



Shiva is the founder of the online yoga school, Samudra Global School for Living Yoga, and several other activism initiatives. She also created her own yoga method of prana vinyasa that is practiced across the world. Shiva also has published books, filmed several instructional yoga videos, and has her own online store. It’s hard to think of anyone else that is as much of a girl boss! We love that Shiva has turned her passion for yoga into a lifestyle and business for herself. She inspires us in her determination to constantly improve and become the best yogi she can be, as well as her passion to educate everyone she can about yoga.


6. Elena Brower


elena brower meditation



Elena is the founder of teach.yoga, an online space for yoga teachers with helpful resources such as blogs, instructional videos, and articles. We are huge fans of her articles on doing the best we can and compassion, but there are tons of additional helpful resources on this site that can benefit anyone, from the yoga beginner to master. Elena teaches yoga classes everywhere from New York City to the Paris. This summer, Elena will be traveling across eastern Europe and teaching classes in places such as London, Copenhagen, and Zurich. Fingers crossed that she brings us along too….We love Elena’s adventurous spirit and dedication to helping others learn!


At Joriki, our physical health is just as important to us as our mental health, and we strongly believe in the power of positive thinking. We hope you found some inspiration through learning about these amazing yogis! They actively spread positivity and educate others about yoga within their daily lives, and we are grateful for all the light they shed. Please feel free to share with us individuals that inspire you in the comments below!


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