6 Meditation Tips for Beginners

6 Meditation Tips for Beginners


Meditation is simple, which is what poses a problem to those prone to overthinking. While you may be aware of the incredible benefits of meditation and desperate to reap them, it may be difficult to actually get yourself in the right headspace and know whether you are doing meditating “correctly.” 

We turned to our wonderful JFAM (Joriki Family) members for their take on what beginners should know before starting their meditation journey. Keep reading for 6 Meditation Tips for Beginners.  


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1. Ease into it


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Holistic Director of @kinemafit, Melissa Decal, encourages beginners that in order to have a beneficial meditation practice, you must start slow. She advises you to “set a timer for 3 minutes, close your eyes, and observe your breath. Continue daily and increase your time from 3 minutes, to 5 minutes, 10 mins, 15 mins” and so on. Before you know it, you will be a meditation pro. You will have more focus throughout the day and be able to tackle daily problems with a clear head. 


2. Your mind doesn’t have to be totally blank


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A common misconception about meditation is that your mind must be completely blank. Mindfulness coach, Molly Black, explains that “meditation isn't about your mind going blank, it's about cultivating present awareness.” 

If you still have some thoughts running through your head as you practice, that’s ok. Melissa stresses that “meditation is not just about quieting the mind but simply observing what is there. Simple awareness.”


3. Make sure you’re comfortable


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While having a clear head isn’t a requirement for meditation, being comfortable is! There are endless positions that you can meditate in, and you can try out a new one each day until you find that one that really gets you in your zone. 


Gina Martirano, a yoga teacher and meditation enthusiast, shared her tips for getting comfortable. “I use a meditation pillow to prop my hips up so I’m not slouching. There are some days I meditate while lying down on my yoga mat or in my bed." Start out your meditation journey by trying out Gina's favorite positions, and adjust them as much as you need to until you are totally relaxed and comfortable. 


4. Explore all methods of meditation


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Since meditation is an individual practice, it can be customized in almost every way - all according to how you feel most comfortable. Gina and Molly encourage you to explore all types of mediation.


For those who can’t find focus in stillness, Molly suggests movement meditation. This can include almost any movement, as long as it is combined with mindfulness and performed at a slow pace. Try meditating while you walk or flow through a series of movements. You might be surprised by how clear your mind can be while still being in motion.  


Gina enjoys incorporating essential oils into her practice. Essential oils have many benefits, including helping you relax and focus - making them a great addition to your practice. “I like to put my oil diffuser on while I’m meditating and also place a few drops of an essential oil in my palm and take three deep breaths to slow down my breathing and relax me,” says Gina. If you want to incorporate essential oils into your practice, we recommend lavender oil. This oil is known for its stress relieving and relaxing properties (in addition to smelling amazing). Give it a try! 


5. Be patient with yourself


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Meditation requires patience, so Molly encourages you to start by being patient with yourself! If you choose to commit to meditation, you’re in for the long haul. Be sure to embrace the journey and don’t cut it short due to frustration. If one type of meditation isn't doing it for you, don't give up! As mentioned above, there are several types of meditation. Give yourself the chance to try out as many different practices as you need to. Trust us, it's worth it. 


6. End your practice with a smile 


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You did it! Whether it was for a minute or an hour, you committed to something and you accomplished it. Melissa encourages you to recoup from your practice with a smile, and wear it for the rest of the day.  


No matter how daunting mediation may seem at first, if you put in some time and effort, you will find a practice that works for you and soon reap all of the wonderful benefits that it offers. 


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