7 Non-Yoga New Years Resolutions

7 Non-Yoga New Year’a Resolutions


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Every new year signifies new beginnings. New friends, new experiences, new opportunities, and of course, new resolutions. While some aspects of the new year are more fun than others, it is important that we focus on improving ourselves, no matter how hard that may be. This year, don't be known as the "January Person" at your gym, the one that abandons their resolution as soon as the hype dies down. It’s time to put a stop to this and make resolutions that can be followed to lead to a healthier, better, you! Take a look at these non-yoga new year resolution ideas and commit to self improvement this year.


1. Call your family members more often 


Life is busy. It can often cloud our priorities and make us fall behind in checking up on those we care about the most. Whether it’s work, kids, or whatever is tying you down, picking up the phone and making a five minute call happen will always be worth it. A sweet text here and there doesn’t hurt either.


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2. Thirty minutes of daily movement


Of course we are envious of the wonder women that do it all and also make it to the gym before 6am. However, in this life of madness, prioritizing gym time and most importantly, yoga, can be difficult. The good news is that you don't need to travel across the city to your favorite gym to work your body. All you need is thirty minutes, a little open space behind a closed door, and your favorite jams on repeat. Stretch it out, get your cardio fix in, do whatever you need to go to sleep at night feeling satisfied. Thirty minutes is all it takes to get your blood flowing and yourself feeling healthy and happy. 


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3. Give one honest compliment to someone everyday

You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when some random lady at the grocery store tells you how cute your favorite pair of shoes are? Well, pay it forward. Make it a habit to be THAT lady. Be the type of woman that fixes another woman’s crown, without telling the world it was crooked. For some more ideas on giving back to others, check out our blog for 10 Simple Ways To Be Kind


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4. Eat one plant based meal a day


This applies to everyone - even those who we praise for leading a vegan or vegetarian diet. Some of us may be stuck in the mindset that we have to consume meat, fish, or carbs for every meal. Eating one plant based meal a day will put you on the path of better health and lucky for you - more energy. Look at these recipes for some great inspo. Not into plants? If you are more of a fruit lover, check out our blog about the Best Places to Get Acai Bowls in Chicago


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5. Go dry for seven days at a time


Think back to the past few weeks. Your mind is probably racing with amazing memories of spending time with your friends and family at holiday parties rich with eggnog, wine, and hard cider. We recommend that you give your liver a break! As dreadful as it sounds to limit the nightly wine, it can be extremely good for clearing your mind, body and soul. Remember the bonuses of cutting back a few pounds, sleeping better, and looking overall more refreshed. Doing this a couple weeks at a time will benefit you in so many ways - such as avoiding that next day anxiety, reducing bloating, helping you achieve your summer fitness goals, and so much more.


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6. Plan a trip with your friends (and actually go through with it!) 


The dread of going back to working five days a week can be somewhat relieved when you have a light at the end of the tunnel. Start getting your friends or boo-thing excited with an achievable trip goal. Girls trip to the Dominican Republic next summer? Romantic getaway to Rome? You can do it! Start a travel fund and save money by doing the little things like taking the subway instead of an uber when you can spare the time.


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7. Love yourself - more!


It is crucial we take a step back and dedicate some love to ourselves. Make a point this year to take some self care days. This may include a long shower and scrubbing everywhere including in between your toes, putting on a facemask, juicing for a day, or any other sweet things you can do for yourself to remind your body and soul how important they are. After all, they make you, you!


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Overall, New Years’ resolutions are not as easy to keep as they are to glue onto your vision board. We often underestimate how much our resolutions will alter our daily life. We suggest that you consider these practical, non-yoga new years resolutions, and commit to making your life more beautiful with each coming year.


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