7 Yoga New Year's Resolutions

7 Yoga New Year's Resolutions


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The first week of January has flown by, and now that our lives have (somewhat) calmed down from 2018’s festivities, we probably should dedicate some time to setting our intentions for the new year.

At Joriki, we absolutely love the idea of making resolutions. We already provided you lovely ladies with 7 Non Yoga New Years Resolutions, so now it’s time to set our yoga-related goals for the new year. Keep reading for 7 Yoga New Years Resolutions to make 2019 your most balanced year yet.


1. Learn one new yoga pose each week


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Whether it is an advanced frog pose (above) or a beginner’s downward dog, make a goal to learn one new yoga pose a week. This will not only expand your practice and make you a well rounded yogi, but it will give you the opportunity to take your yoga practice into your own hands. Instead of just following your teachers flow through each class (which is great too!) you should research yoga poses that speak specifically to you and your body. Incorporate this resolution into your daily life and become the knowledgeable yogi you want to be! Check out our Pinterest Board on Yoga Poses to see some of our personal favorites.


2. Connect with your local yoga community


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The one thing we love more than yoga, are the people who do yoga! We have found that the bond between fellow yogis is a bond like no other. Yogis connect on some very core principles and it is so helpful to have a group of people that encourage you to live a well balanced yoga-inspired lifestyle. We invite you to any of our events to meet other yogis in your area. These events are hosted at our showroom in Chicago (yes, we have a showroom!), and typically start with a yoga class led by one of our wonderful partners, then is followed with some drinks, snacks and shopping. Furthermore, ticket sales always go to benefit a local charity so you can score some good karma while you score some new friends. Our next event is a Self Love + Yoga Workshop (could that be any more perfect?). Check it out here for more info! If you are in need of some one-on-one time with some wonderful ladies, we invite you to make an appointment to come to our showroom - check it out here.


3. Support local yoga studios


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One of the best aspects of yoga is that you can do it anywhere you can fit a yoga mat. Home, work, a friends - wherever it may be, yoga is accessible to anyone who is willing to give it a try. However, we still think it’s important to support local studios since there is so much you can learn from them. Make 2019 the year you explore local yoga studios in your area. Each studio has its own personality and unique staff that you surely won’t be disappointed no matter where you go. If you’re like us and are based in the Chicago area, check out our picks for the 9 Best Yoga Studios in Chicago. We recommend any of these studios, and let us know if you give any of them a try!


4. Set your intentions before each yoga practice


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Before each yoga session, take some time to reflect on your intentions. Think about why you are practicing at that particular time, what you want that practice to bring you, and what it is doing for your body and mind. By setting your intentions before you get on the mat, you will have a more focused and mindful yoga session, and learn more about yourself through each practice. If you need some help on getting started with the journaling process, join us on February 10th for a Self Love + Yoga Workshop, you can find more information here.


5. Take a friend to yoga


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Who said that yoga has to be a solo journey?! This year, introduce one of your friends to yoga. Have them tag long to one of your classes so they can reap the same benefits as you, and finally understand what you mean when you say that yoga changed your life. Surely, you don’t want to disappoint them with their first class, so make sure to start their yoga journey at one of the 9 Best Yoga Studios in Chicago.


6. Meditate more


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Establishing a regular meditation practice can be difficult - that’s why we keep our New Year's Resolutions realistic and simply challenge you to meditate more. Find time in your day, even if it is as little as 15 minutes, to just tune the world out, and focus on the stillness of your mind. Just a few minutes of deep meditation can refresh you more than hours of sleep. We have gained so much from introducing meditation into our lives that we really encourage you to give it a shot. Find a few minutes in your day, a silent room, and clear your mind of any and all thoughts.


7. Treat every day as a new experience


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People associate the first day of the new year with some magical quality, the first of a 365 day long journey. We encourage you to live everyday as if it is January 1st. Don’t let the giddiness of the new year subside, keep that magic going everyday, all year long. Treat each new day as a new experience and opportunity to live out your best life.


Take some time to reflect on and figure out who you want to be this year. The new year signifies a fresh start, and we challenge you to be the best version of yourself. This might require some major self-reflection, planning, and committing to making some serious (or not-so-serious) improvements. We know you have it in you, ladies. Happy 2019!


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