Chicago Yoga Instructor Feature: Meet Caitlin Kalosky

Chicago Yoga Instructor Feature: Meet Caitlin Kalosky



Chicago is one of those cities that is really quite magical. You can literally find inspiration anywhere. From the people, murals, restaurants, architecture, and more, you can find something that sparks your curiosity on every block. Along with all of this, Chicago is home to a large and ever growing fitness community - or shall we say yoga community  (9 Best Yoga Studios in Chicago).


With this ever growing yoga community, Joriki has really enjoyed connecting with all of the yogi lovers and enthusiasts. And with that said, we wanted to give a little bit of TLC and a Friday feature to a Chicago yoga instructor that we recently met and adore, Caitlin Kalosky.


Caitlin is a Chicago based yoga instructor from New Hampshire who has been practicing yoga off and on for ten years. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training in the winter of 2015 and began teaching the spring of 2016.


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"What really inspired me to be a yoga instructor was the community around me," Caitlin said. "I was surrounded by strong women and men, they pushed me to be a better me, and I knew that I wanted to be that person for others."


And she definitely practices what she preaches. Recently, we had the pleasure to take one of Caitlin’s yoga classes at Mirepoix Studio in the North side of Chicago, and in this no phone zone, Caitlin created a unique flow that connected our breath with our movement and ultimately left us feeling energized and ready for more. 


Not only did the space and her class leave us feeling totally zen, but Caitlin's radiant energy inspired us to go further in our personal practice. To stand taller, to stretch deeper, to feel harder.  Once our feet hit the mat at Caitlin's class, she took our focus to the present, and she took our practice beyond the physical poses.


"Yoga has always been a safe space for me to learn about myself - my body, my thoughts, my actions, my purpose," Caitlin said. "I love yoga because for me, there is no end. There is always something new to learn, further to push yourself, more space to offer, and love to give."


And it's not too late to start if you have never practiced yoga before. If you are a beginner, then Caitlin will make sure your first class flows great.


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"I love teaching the slower, flow, stretch style classes, and I especially love teaching to beginners," she said. "Our world is so fast-paced and go-go-go all of the time, that stopping and slowing down for 60 minutes is challenging. I’d say even more challenging than the hot, fast, power classes. Being able to give students the space to check in with their bodies, giving options to feel things in different ways, and time to do everything, that’s what I love."


We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to chat with Caitlin after class and get to know her a little better off the mat. It was such a delight speaking with her and learning all things yoga - ranging from yoga benefits to yoga poses to learning a little bit more about her personal life. Please see our Q&A below to read the rest of our questions, and hopefully, you can take a class from Caitlin soon as well.

  • What tips do you have for someone who wants to start yoga?

  • "People always say they 'aren’t flexible enough' for yoga. I tell prospective students it’s a part of the journey. I try and relate it to training for a marathon or lifting weights for the first time. Day one of marathon training, you aren’t going to run 26.2 miles or lift the heaviest of dumbbells your first time at a gym. The same applies to yoga and not being able to do certain things in class one, but it comes with time. Just like anything else. Be able to laugh at yourself. And don’t take yourself too seriously."


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  • What’s your favorite yoga pose?

  • "Vriksana, or Tree pose, is one of my favorites. It is the truest pose that pairs with the statement 'root down to rise up.' I feel strong, I feel grounded, I feel big, I feel tall, and I feel seen in this pose. Even better, take the pose outside, get your toes in the grass, there is nothing like it."

  • Is there anything about your yoga journey that you want to share with us?

  • "Just like anyone’s journey, mine hasn’t been the easiest. I totaled my car years ago in a drunk driving accident. After court dates, mandated counseling and therapy, losing my job, I realized I needed to make a drastic change. Chicago was that change, that move. I found my asana practice day one of moving to the city. The real yoga started taking place after the asana. The real yoga - the forgiving of behavior, the letting go of my past, the acceptance, that was the hardest part of my yoga journey."

  • How has yoga benefited you/what impacts has it had on your life?

  • "Yoga has given me an endless amount of tools from learning how to communicate better to, to showing compassion, to letting go of things that do not serve me. Yoga has opened doors that I never knew were right around the corner. Yoga has given me an amazing support network of friends and mentors. The benefits yoga has provided me, and will provide for me, is also never-ending."



    How do you Look forward and give back (#lookforwardgiveback) to your community?


  • "I have recently been honored to work with a few local charities and foundations in order to help others. I taught a lovely group of individuals running the Chicago marathon with Team Gilda, an incredible organization helping cancer survivors and families with community support. I’ve worked with ATA Social Club, a group of people working together to help animals, mainly older dogs, be fostered and re-adopted. I’m a huge proponent of supporting local and working with the local community."


  • What do you do outside of teaching yoga?


  • "I worked with adults with disabilities before moving to Chicago. Now for work, outside of teaching, I am a server at Bub City. For fun outside of yoga, I am a huge foodie and craft beer lover. I’m always interested in finding the next best delicious thing out there and the next chill spot. I love being on the lakefront path and soaking in as much outside time as possible here in the city." (Side Note: Caitlin recommends 
  • Begyle and Corridor if you want to check out some breweries in Chicago).

    If you ever find yourself in Chicago or you’re already in the city, feel free to reach out to Caitlin and take one of her classes! She is an absolutely incredible Chicago yoga teacher, and to top if off, she's a great person to meet.

  • “I would love to chat with YOU! Yes, you. Any of you," she shared. "If something I said in this sparked an interest, brought something up inside of you, or resonated along the way, reach out. I am always open to discussion and connecting with new people over coffee, kombucha or any cold drink.” 

    Below is Caitlin's schedule:


    Monday- Vision Quest, 5:30p yoga for endurance  athletes 
    Tuesday- 225 W. Wacker, 12-1p corporate yoga
    Wednesday- Yoga Six LP 7:15p Hot yoga 75 mins
    Thursday- Mirepoix 6:30a Power; Yoga Six LP 5p Flow; Mirepoix 7:15p Hip and Heart Flow
    Saturday- Mirepoix 10:45a Power
    Sundays- July 8th and August 12th 10am $30 rooftop yoga at Joe’s on Weed Street; July 15th and August 5th 11am $20 all levels class at Begyle Brewery 

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