Five Hidden Gem Coffee Shops in Chicago

If you live in the Chicago area or simply like to visit and are looking for a coffee fix, make your way to one of these five cozy coffee spots below. Each one has a personality of its own and a unique atmosphere that will leave you longing for your next visit. Keep reading to find these great Chicago coffee spots near you.

1. HERO Coffee Bar

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Hero coffee bar lives up to its name. Apart from supplying some of the best lattes and matcha lattes in town, they also  give back to the community. For example, for every HERO tumblr sold, a $1 donation is given to Imerman Angels, an organization that helps mentor anyone seeking cancer support. So, go give HERO some quick thanks by stopping in and grabbing a coffee! 

With your help they can achieve their goal, “To positively impact our community one meaningful cup at a time”.


2. C.C Ferns 

cool coffee shop in Chicago



Looking for a cozy and welcoming coffee shop to get some work done? This 1970’s vibe coffee shop, C.C. Ferns could be the one for you. They are known for their small neighborhood feel with friendly faces to match. They are also known for their delicious espressos and Doughnut Vault doughnuts. People go crazy over these! Pair a beverage of your choice with one of these delicious pastries and conquer the day. 

Located in Humboldt Park, go check it out! And after you grab a coffee, come check US out. Our showroom is right down the block from them where you can shop cute yoga clothes for women in Chicago. You can book an appointment here or send us a message on Instagram at @jorikiyoga.


3. The Wormhole Coffee Shop


 cool coffee shops in Chicago



Calling all adventurous coffee drinkers! 

The Wormhole Coffee shop has a rustic 80’s interior packed with friendly staff behind the counter. Known for their signature drinks, the staff loves to help find the perfect drink for you.

This is a great place to stop in for lunch or after work. The unique decor will allow you to take a break from the hustle and completely unwind. Allow yourself to go “Back in Time” and give this hot spot a try!


4. Ipsento 606 

 cool coffee shops in Chicago



In 2006, these two very unique atmospheres for avid coffee drinkers were created. They currently have two locations in Chicago, each with a different experience. Ipsento 606 is referred to as a more modern coffee bar, and Ipsento a more cozy small town feel. Although they offer two different atmospheres, they promote the same message. This brand is dedicated to self discovery. The creation of their brand is based off the idea to grow through the enjoyment of simple things.    

Stop by one of these shops to see what it is all about! 


5. Sawada Coffee

cool coffee shops in Chicago



Detailed and specialized drinks in a cozy hole in the wall. This coffee bar is unique. You have to be on the lookout for it or you might miss it. Sawada is known for its insanely beautiful and award winning latte art. How cool is it to purchase something that not only tastes good but looks good too?! 

One of their most popular drinks is the military latte, which is a mix of matcha tea, coca powder, and a shot of espresso. YUM.

Sawada coffee has two locations, one here in Chicago and one in New York City. Making a visit here will be worth your while!  

If you have any favorites of your own please share in the comments below. Thanks for reading, Joriki friends, happy coffee-ing!

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