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Guatemala Legging Feature: Life of a Guatemalan Woman


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Featuring @alexia.bareul in our Guatemala Legging and Navy Bralette


Guatemala is a beautiful country with something to satisfy every traveler. The Central American country is flush with beautiful landscapes, a rich culture, intense history, stunning architecture, and is an amazing destination for days of relaxation.

We were so inspired by Guatemala, that we created our Guatemala Yoga Legging. A percentage of each sale goes to Pencils of Promise to build schools all over the world - specifically in Guatemala. *Use code GUATEMALA40 for 40% off this piece.

We believe that as important as it is to travel the world, it is important to really know the distinct culture of each place you are visiting. It is not enough to simply book a plane ticket, check in at the nearest hotel, and enjoy your trip as a tourist. We encourage travelers to get in touch with the people of the culture before and during your trip.

We had the chance to speak with one of our favorite Chicago yoga instructors, Alexia Baurel, an instructor at Yogaview in Lincoln Park. Alexia gave us the inside scoop on what life in Guatemala is like, her experience as a Guatemalan woman, and many more wonderful, informative things about her country. Continue reading to learn more about this amazing country and the amazing people it is filled with.

*All responses are from Alexia*


womens navy yoga legging

Featuring @alexia.bareul in our Guatemala Legging and Navy Bralette


What should our readers know about Guatemala?  


“Guatemala is a beautiful country full of natural beauty and warm people. People call it, ‘The country of the eternal spring’ because it's always green and lush and maintains a perfect temperature year-round. There are so many volcanoes, lakes, jungles, rivers, mountains, and beautiful beaches. A big part of the culture is the tribute they pay to the ancient Mayans, it is filled with historical Mayan sites.”


What does Guatemala mean to you?


“To me - it is home. Every time I travel there, I feel like I never left. My family and friends are there and they always receive me with love. But what I love the most about the country is how warm people are. Guatemala means family to me.”


womens navy yoga legging

Featuring @alexia.bareul in our Guatemala Legging and Navy Bralette


When did you move to Chicago from Guatemala?


“I was born in Guatemala and moved to Chicago when I was 22 as an Au Pair. I went back home to Guatemala for two years, and then came to Chicago for good when I was 25 to start my yoga studies and be a yoga teacher. I love going home, though, and try to go at least twice a year - sometimes more.”


womens navy yoga legging

Featuring @alexia.bareul in our Guatemala Legging and Navy Bralette


What is it like to be a Guatemalan woman and how do you best represent your roots?


“Women in Guatemala are incredibly creative and very hard workers. They are always doing their best to help their families earn a living, especially in the poorest villages. They make beautiful clothing with natural vivid colors and adorned patterns for themselves, their families, and to sell. I apply these principles to my life today. I pride myself in my ability to work hard and be creative to achieve my goals. This helps me represent my roots as a Guatemalan woman.”


What are you most proud of with being Guatemalan?


“Guatemala, as beautiful as a country as it is, is also very poor. But, despite living conditions for many people being pretty bad, people live very happy lives and enjoy what they do have. They are always moving forward. Having grown up seeing that, I live life through a different perspective. It humbles me and makes me proud to be a part of such a culture.”


womens navy yoga legging

Featuring @alexia.bareul in our Guatemala Legging and Navy Bralette


How can people help and give back to Guatemala?


“Since Guatemala is such a poor country, there is not a lot of money being put towards public education, and because of that there is a high rate of illiteracy. This creates a cycle because since people are uneducated, they cannot rise out of their situations and get better jobs. A great way of helping out and giving back is to look for organizations that help with education. Joriki is one way to do that. Their Guatemala Legging actually gives back to Pencils of Promise, a wonderful organization that builds schools in these poor villages.”


Finally, what are some great places to visit in Guatemala?!


“One of my favorite sanctuaries is Antigua - it is a beautiful island with the bluest water you have ever seen. Lake Atitlan is perfect for thrill seekers. It is a huge volcanic crater with a beautiful town center where you can shop original, Guatemalan textiles (like the ones I mentioned). History buffs should check out Tikal and visit the iconic, Mayan ruins. Semuc Champey is like nothing I have seen in any other part of the world. You can go cave swimming and hang out in the turquoise pools. You won’t regret visiting any of these places.”


We had so much fun talking to Alexia about her life in Guatemala and getting some amazing travel inspo. We do encourage you to remember, though, that while these are beautiful places that we would kill to vacation in, they could use our help. Shop our Guatemala Legging to help educate the people of Guatemala, donate to charities directly, or even go visit and help in person.


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