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womens yoga clothes

Yoga has endless benefits. It is not a complete one-stop-shop to solving all of life's problems, but most yogis would agree that it comes pretty close. A simple flow can ease your mind and prepare you for whatever life may throw at you. We aren't kidding when we say that most situations can be eased by grabbing your mat and tuning the world out.  

Stressed out? Do yoga.

Need to focus? Do yoga.

Restless? Do yoga.

Tired? Do some damn yoga.

We can’t promise you that getting down and practicing some yoga is all you need to achieve a picture-perfect life, but we can promise it absolutely benefit both your mind and body.

As you practice, you become aware of each muscle and bone in your body. You are completely in tune with your body. You feel your own strength and power during each pose.

You learn to know your body.

You learn to trust your body.

You learn to love your body.

womens yoga clothes

Featuring the beautiful @abigail.corinne in our Tibetan Prayer Flag Legging and Navy Long Line Bra.  

Like any other fitness/wellness plan, you need to commit. It’s important to make a habit of getting on that mat. The more you commit to yoga, the more you benefit. Allow yourself to become a student to the practice, and prepare to challenge both your mind and body (trust us, it's worth it).

womens yoga clothes

Featuring the amazing @daisy_fakouhi in our Guatemala Legging and Navy Long Line Bra


The road to self love and acceptance can be a long one. Sometimes, it can take a lifetime until you really love who you are. Yoga wants you to reach your full potential sooner. Yoga wants you to not only love your body, but to embrace it, to trust it, and respect it.

Yoga teaches you to depend on yourself, it teaches you that everything you need is within you.

When you begin to depend on your body, you begin to appreciate it, you begin to love it. It is not until you are deep in a pose, using all of your strength and balance, that you realize how down your body is for you. It is your soul in its physical form, it is the essence of your being.

Yoga is the bridge between your mind and body.

With every practice you gain flexibility and learn your own breath. It connects your thoughts with your actions. You are aware of each muscle and bone as you flow from pose to pose. You listen to your body and respond to its needs. You learn to trust your body, that it knows what it needs before you even do, and that it will tell you.  

Yoga teaches you to love your body. It forges a new relationship with your body.

You will see your body in a way you did not consider before you started practicing yoga. You will see it as strong and a beautiful home for your heart and mind. You will discover new potential for what your body can do. With each yoga session, you will gain strength, flexibility, and peace of mind.

Yoga teaches you to love the body you are in, no matter the size or shape. It helps you focus on what your body can do as opposed to what it looks like. Sometimes, it is not until we start looking at our bodies from the inside out, that we will really love ourselves, and stop comparing ourselves to others.

Like we said, sometimes the road to self-love and acceptance can be long and complicated. But by incorporating yoga into your daily life, this road can be a lot smoother, and you may even enjoy the ride.

If you are in Chicago and looking to start your yoga journey, check out our blog about on our favorite yoga studios in Chicago. Once you decide on the studio that suits you best, we have your back (literally) with a new outfit. Come on over to our Showroom (2950 W. Chicago Ave) to get fitted in the most perfect outfit that suits both your style and favorite yoga practice. Make an appointment here.

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