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9 Best Yoga Studios in Chicago 


Best yoga studios in Chicago 


It’s been a rough week. You’re in over your head with work projects, you’ve gotten little to no sleep, and your mind is racing. You’re mentally exhausted but you can’t seem to find a way to shut your brain off. What do you do?


Practicing yoga is a wonderful way to “turn off,” relax while getting in a bit of exercise, and quiet your mind and get grounded. It’s one of the best ways to reset. And lucky for you, if you live here in the Windy City, Chicago is known for its growing yoga community. With a never-ending list of all the options you have to choose from, here at Joriki, we’ve compiled a list of nine of the best yoga studios in Chicago. And while Chicago is made up of 77 communities, these are just some of the best yoga studios Chicago.


1) 105F - Wicker Park/Lincoln Park/South Loop Yoga Studio
47 W Polk St.  ~ 2736A N. Clark St. ~ 1344 N. Milwaukee Ave. 


yoga studios in Chicago



105F has locations in Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, and South Loop and is one of Joriki’s favorite yoga studios in Chicago. Come try out one of their classes and change up your yoga routine at their studio spaces. And when you do come visit, you have the option to take it easy, work up a little bit of a sweat, or really turn it up. Pick from their variety of eight classes that they offer, both heated and non-heated, that range from 90-60 minutes. At 105f, you will connect your breath with flow while practicing a traditional 105F series of postures. “We have a class for everyone” is one of their mottos - and we agree.


Some of our favorite instructors at 105f? Try a class from Kiley Enmark,   Kristen Kruchowski, or Aura Dukynaite. Joriki is also carried at the 105f yoga studio in Wicker Park.


2) Greatly Gracious Yoga - Wicker Park Yoga Studio

1619 West North Ave.


Best yoga studios in Chicago


Greatly Gracious is a new yoga studio in the North Side of Chicago founded by two best friends Midori Doumani and Sarah Wheeler, and their husbands, Joshua Doumani and Evan Wheeler. This Chicago yoga studio offers five different classes in two different styles. The first style of yoga is what they call Gracious Yoga, this is centered around breathing, mindful movement, positive intentions, and music. The second style, Holy Yoga, is Christ-centered that is based around mindful movement, prayer, and scriptures. Once you’ve chosen what style you want to practice, you can choose classes that range from vinyasa style, restorative yoga, body boost classes, and strength training classes that incorporate weights. When you check out this studio, make sure to take a peek at the Joriki line in their retail section!


3) Zen Yoga Garage - Bucktown Yoga Studio

1845 N Milwaukee Ave.


Best yoga studios in Chicago


When you visit Zen Yoga Garage, be ready to sweat it out in this urban, energetic, unique yoga studio. This garage style yoga studio offers a combination of classes that offer a range of various levels like heated power vinyasa, heated barre classes, heated HIIT and weights, classes that utilize props, and restorative yin flow. But we don’t just love Zen Yoga Garage for their great classes; this studio has built a strong community of passionate students and instructors. Here at Joriki, we recommend the Buddha Barre or Buddha Burn class if you’re looking for a sweat.


If you can’t decide whos class to take, we highly recommend the following instructors:  Ann Stehr, Danny B, Piper-Lori Parker, Monika Marynowski, Fran Rugo, Laura Cartwright.


4) Barefeet Power Yoga - West Loop Yoga Studio

1006 W Monroe St. 




Barefeet Power Yoga is a power vinyasa yoga studio in the heart of Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. If you are looking to turn up your yoga practice, then Barefeet is a must try Chicago yoga studio. While visiting, expect 60 minutes of sweating in heat up to 90 degrees, a powerful yoga flow, and positive energy from the community and teachers. If you’re interested in events and workshops in a space that is not heated, then check out the Bare Feet Loft. This is their loft space located three blocks from their studio which is also where they will host private lessons and select classes.


5) Bottom Line Yoga - The Loop Yoga Studio

141 W Jackson Blvd. ~ 20 N Wacker Dr.




If you work downtown or find yourself in the loop looking to squeeze in a yoga session throughout the day, then Bottom Line Yoga is the studio for you. With their two locations in the Civic Opera House and the Board of Trade building, their classes are based around centering and creating powerful flows, and will leave you with a connection on and off your mat. And while we are always looking for a good yoga class, if you work in downtown and find yourself needing a break from your desk, check out Bottom Lines nap schedule. Yes, you read that correctly, you can go on their website and see the scheduled times you can stop in for a lunch break nap!


6) Spenga - Glenview, Oak Park Fitness Studio

2043 Tower Dr. ~ 1136 Lake St.




Spenga is a fitness studio with locations throughout the U.S., including locations in the Chicagoland area. Spenga offers a variety of spin, strength, and yoga classes. The unique thing about these classes is that when you pick a class, you are not just picking whether you want yoga, a spin class, or a strength class; each class is a combination of all three. Expect a combined workout of 20 minutes of spin, 20 minutes of strength, followed by 20 minutes of yoga. For those people that might feel bored in a traditional yoga or fitness class, Spenga is definitely for you! While you’re visiting this studio, check out their retail section and try on their Spenga / Joriki leggings, only available in-studio at Spenga!


7) Royal Pigeon - 31st Beach Harbor SUP Yoga Studio

3155 S Lake Shore Dr.




Summer is one of the best seasons here in Chicago, so what better way to take advantage of the beautiful weather than with a yoga class on Lake Michigan? Royal Pigeon is Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) yoga that takes places at 31st beach harbor. They offer SUP yoga and floating meditation, as well as private in-home yoga sessions for just you or a group. When you take a class here, expect a fun yet challenging 60-minute yoga class on Lake Michigan. Just in case, come prepared with extra clothes, as you might just fall into the lake!


8) AIR - South Loop, River North, Lincoln Park Aerial Fitness Studio

1317 S Michigan Ave. ~ 357 W Erie St. ~ 2217 N Clybourn Ave.

 Aerial yoga in Chicago


Take your practice in the air (literally) with AIR, an aerial fitness studio here in Chicago and other locations throughout the U.S. When you visit AIR, be prepared to take your workout off the ground while utilizing the hammocks that hang from the ceiling. By incorporating the hammock into your workout, this helps engage your core, different muscle groups, and will also help deepen your stretched and mobility. This aerial fitness based studio offers four classes to choose from: Foundation, Flow, Core, and AIR. Here at Joriki, our favorite class to take is Flow, a class that is yoga inspired and will leave your whole body feeling stretched!

9) Mirepoix - Wicker Park Yoga Studio

1414 N. Ashland Ave




The dictionary definition of Mirepoix is defined as a mix of sautéed veggies, but at this Chicago based yoga studio, their version of Mirepoix is a mix of movement, meditation, and nourishment. When you visit, expect a different blend of all kinds of vinyasa flows. Their class descriptions range from guided meditation, power vinyasa, mindful vinyasa, hip-hop vinyasa, yin, or a sunrise flow. At Mirepoix, each instructor is encouraged to teach their classes as they see fit. So each class will be unique to the teacher, depending on each instructor's experiences, personality, and background; so it is recommended that you try different classes/teachers! Who do we suggest? Try a class with Caitlin Kalosky. You won't be disappointed. 


And there you go! Nine of the best yoga studios in Chicago. We hope you try out one of these awesome spots next time you want to practice! If you visit any of these Chicago yoga studios, please let us know what you think. And last but not least, if you are a yoga instructor, please make sure you get in touch with us to learn about our partnership program and special yoga teacher discounts. Happy yoga-ing, and we hope we run into you at a studio OR at our showroom to shop Joriki sometime soon. Thanks for reading!

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