Joriki Yoga Clothes in Cool Places

Joriki Yoga Clothes in Cool Places


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@lifeoftravels at Olympic National Park in our Tibetan Prayer Flag Leggings


Creating great photos for your Instagram can be a full time job. It’s a matter of finding that super cute outfit, positioning yourself in your best skinny arm angle, scouting out that awesome backdrop, and last but not least, of course, getting that perfect filter.


It can be a painful process. Can you relate?


Lucky for Joriki, our customers and our partners are pros at this kind of stuff, and we have been blessed with the most beautiful photos from them wearing our yoga apparel. Thanks guys! To show our appreciation, we wanted to send some love back. We featured them in our piece - Joriki Yoga Clothes in Cool Places.


Read about nine amazing ladies featured in Joriki’s  yoga apparel and learn about the awesome places that they are in  - from tips on how to stay healthy while traveling to the best places to eat in destinations as far as Bali or as near as Chicago. And so much more.


Mary Tilson in Sumba Island, Indonesia



@marytilson in our Sumba Warrior collection which we designed together. A percentage of sales from this yoga apparel line goes directly to The Sumba Foundation


Let’s hear it from our partner, Mary Tilson who we collaborated with on the Sumba Warrior Collection. Mary currently lives in Sumba Island, Indonesia, and is the Yoga & Wellness Director at Nihi Sumba.  We are always so excited to see all of her amazing photos of her in Sumba Island all while her being dressed in The Sumba Warrior Collection. Mary’s absolute favorite thing to do in Sumba is to explore. When we asked her how it compares to other places, her response was, "it’s truly incomparable, you have to go see for yourself." Let’s see what else Mary has to say. 


When did you move to Sumba Island and why? What are your experiences of living here?


I first came out to Sumba three years ago (Jan 2016) to teach yoga at Nihi, and have since gotten to wear many hats within the company. I manage the yoga program, have had the opportunity to collaborate with you guys at Joriki on an AMAZING yoga apparel line to raise money for the Sumba Foundation, organize retreats, and handle the social media. I’ve also played a prominent role in the Guest Relations & Activities department while on site.


In my free time, I love going out trekking, exploring the tribal villages, horse riding, swimming in waterfalls, and visiting my friends at the Sumba Hospitality Foundation!


@marytilson in our Yoga Top and Legging from our Sumba Collection off the coast of Sumba Island


Tell us about the island, the people, and the culture


Sumba is like nowhere else on earth. It’s often referred to as the “forgotten island” because despite being nearly three times the size of Bali, it is only now beginning to be discovered by adventurous travelers. The island has some of the most unbelievable, unspoiled natural beauty from bright blue waterfalls, to natural saltwater lagoons, to ancient jungles, and to dramatic ocean cliffs. The tribal culture and local artwork, including the Ikat Textiles which we’ve based our Sumba Warrior Collection, are also very unique to the island. Often times, when you’re in the villages it feels like time travel. People live simply, riding bareback on horses as a main form of transportation. I’ve been so fortunate to live and work alongside hundreds of local Sumbanese employed by the resort and they are the most beautiful, warm people. I’m always inspired by our staff who have taken every opportunity to learn and grow, some of whom support five or more family members.


@marytilson in our Ikat Ombre Yoga Top and Ikat Ombre High Waisted Yoga Legging


What are your favorite places to eat, drink, go have fun at?


It’s an interesting question, since living on a remote island with as little development as Sumba definitely changes things up a bit! The Sumba Hospitality Foundation, a hotel school which trains local Sumbanese kids on hospitality, as well as a restaurant - one that I love to support. The food is amazing! I’ve also been invited by local friends to eat with their families which has been such a treat! And for fun, I love exploring all of the undiscovered gems of the island!



What do you do to stay healthy in Sumba Island?


I wake up early with the sun, then eat a healthy and balanced diet (that includes organic chocolate from our chocolate factory), drink plenty of water, and practice yoga daily. The resort is actually built on a hill, so we end up getting great exercise just walking around the property.


Hilary Byrnes in Seattle/Mount Rainier

Hilary at @lifeoftravels at Mount Rainier National Park wearing our Strappy Racerback Yoga Tank in Sedate Charcoal


Not only are Hilary and her husband at Life of Travels devoted and amazing parters to Joriki, but they are the ultimate travel couple. Together, they gallivant around the entire world and provide their followers with the best tips on where to go and what to do. Hilary, a Chicago native, has lived in Seattle for over two years and gives us the inside scoop on best way to see Seattle, Mount Rainier, and more. She sure inspired us to begin our own adventure!


 Seattle, Washington via @lifeoftravels


Why did you and your husband decide to move there?


We've been in Seattle over 2 years now, and time has flown by. We moved from Chicago, where we both grew up, in search of more outdoor adventure. We were looking for a place that provided a city atmosphere, but also had easy access to outdoor activities. We found that in Seattle where you never have to hike the same trail twice.


@lifeoftravels at Olympic National Park in our Tibetan Prayer Flag Leggings


Why do you love Seattle? 


We can see 3 National Parks from our home (North Cascades, Olympic, and Mount Rainier). That blows our mind! To us, they are more than just beautiful landscapes you can see from the city, they are opportunities to explore and discover a beautiful environment, one that is so different from the one we grew up with.


Photo from @lifeoftravels at Mount Rainier National Park


How far is Mount Rainier National Park from Seattle and would you recommend this as a bucket list place?


If you're looking to head to Mount Rainier National Park you'll have a 2.5 hour drive ahead of you. You can see this volcano from many places in Seattle (and it looks huuuugeee!), so it's hard to believe you have to drive that far, but it's worth it! If you haven't been, add it to your bucket list now!


@lifeoftravels at Mount Rainier National Park in our Ikat Ombre High Waisted Yoga Leggings 


What did you do there and what can you recommend for a newbie?


Depending on the time of year you visit, you may have your choice of starting points within the park. In the summertime, you can enter the park through the Sunrise entrance which leads to a large number of trails with rewarding views, as well as a great walk for beginners at the Grove of the Patriarchs. Alternatively, you can head to Paradise (appropriately named by the wonderful John Muir) which is open all year round and takes you closer to the peak of the volcano for some great hiking, snowshoeing, or skiing options. In the summer you can even stay at the beautiful resort at Paradise and wake up to the beauty of this wondrous national park.  


@lifeoftravels pup, Scout, exploring Seattle 


What are some of your favorite things to do in Seattle and surrounding areas?


If I had to choose a top 3 it would be:  


  1.  Explore the local parks. They come in all sizes around the city and offer different things. Kerry Park in Queen Anne gives you great views of the city. Discovery Park in Magnolia is HUGE and takes you out to bluffs that overlook the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains. The Seattle Center is home to the Space Needle, green spaces, and many fun museums. And Gas Works Park is a cool old gasification plant that is now beautifully rusted out in the middle of open green fields on the northern end of Lake Union. These are just a handful of beautiful spots found within the city and we never get tired of visiting them.

  2. Leavenworth. Don't have time to go to Europe? No problem. Head to Leavenworth instead! Located on the west side foothills of the Cascade Mountains, this town has completely dedicated itself to a Bavarian theme.  Visiting Leavenworth is like taking a trip to Germany, but you only have to drive 2 hours. The architecture represents the German region, and you'll find that the food and drinks won't disappoint either. Whether you're visiting for a festival, participating in Oktoberfest, or simply looking for a delicious pretzel, you'll love this quaint and committed town.

  3. Head to the islands. The San Juan Islands are accessible by ferry and can make for a fun day trip, weekend, or exciting island-hopping adventure. Each island has it's own unique vibe and your experience can completely tailored to your interests. There are so many resorts, bed and breakfasts, and places to camp. Heading to the San Juan Islands is the perfect escape from the city - and you might just spot some whales!


For more comprehensive information on visiting Seattle, check out the Life of Travels 4 Days in Seattle guide.


Photo of the Cascade Mountains, snapped by @lifeoftravels


What are your favorite places to eat, drink, go out to at night in Seattle?


  1. Catch a concert at a live music venue. Seattle is known for it's lively music scene and variety of venues. Feel free to check out one of the larger venues, but don't forget to visit some smaller bars to enjoy some local talent. 

  2. Sushi! Seattle is full of Asian influence and the coast supplies an incredible variety of fresh fish. For higher-end spots, look for restaurants along Elliott Bay, or head to one of our favorite spots like Westward or Taylor Shellfish.

  3. Play some games. Instead of just heading to another bar for drinks, try out a local spot that challenges you to a friendly game. Whether it's mini golf at Flatstick Pub, ping pong at Spin, or pinball at Jupiter - you'll have a great time (with a drink in your hand).

What makes Seattle different from other cities?


Seattle feels small compared to Chicago, but it in no way lacks the qualities of an amazing city. The gloomy weather took some getting used to, but we traded our snow boots for rain boots and hiking boots - and we couldn't be happier! The summers are unbelievably beautiful, with endless blue skies and temperate weather. We came to Seattle looking for an adventurous playground, and that is exactly what we found. 


@lifeoftravels exploring Olympic National Park in our Tibetan Prayer Flag Yoga Leggings 


What do you do to stay healthy in Seattle?


Being active is embedded into the culture of the city. So many people commute via bike, and head out to kayak or ski on the weekends. Personally, we love to Kayak on Lake Union, right in the middle of the city.  When we're up for a little more adventure, we'll throw on our Mantra Tees and find a trail to hike at a nearby national forest.  When we're ready to take on the great outdoors, we'll fill up our backpacks, hit the ferry, and claim a camping spot in Olympic National Park. These are our choices, but they are only a few of the many opportunities the Emerald City provides. We find new ways to stay active all the time, and I can only imagine what we'll experience in 2019.


Ruby Negrete in Hawaii


Joriki previous amazing Intern, @therubynegrete, in Maui in our Hi-Lo Double Layer Yoga Tank in Cool Kushutara  


Ruby Negrete traveled to Hawaii on a family vacation, soaking up the beautiful rays and basked in the good vibes. She is a native Chicagoian, previous Joriki intern, and adorable human being!


What was your favorite memory?


While in Kaui, my family and I were at a beach chilling under some palm trees and realized there was a random guy beside us! He was weaving fruit baskets out of palm trees and we started talking to him about them. Turns out he lives under the palm trees on that beach so we were kind of invading his space! But he was so friendly and loved talking with us. He let us even borrow his surfboards and gave us a basket.


@therubynegrete in 
Luau Kalamaku on Kauai in our Black Halter Yoga Dress


What brought you to Hawaii and would you recommend this as a bucket list destination? 


I went to Hawaii on a family vacation. I would totally recommend Hawaii as a bucket list stop! I traveled via cruise, stopping in Honolulu, Kaui, and Maui. 


Waimea Canyon State Park via @therubynegrete


What was the culture like? People? Atmosphere?


Everyone was very friendly! I definitely enjoyed talking to some locals and checking out local shops. A lot of people are definitely on ~Island time~, which felt amazing. And we got a ton of recommendations from locals!


Do you recall any favorite places to eat, drink, go out to at night?


Since I was on a cruise, we had to be on the boat every night so I didn't get a feel of the nightlife and I packed a lot of snacks while off the boat! But I did try a lot of street food and acai bowls from local shops. It was AMAZING.


What were some of your favorite things to do?


I absolutely loved the beaches! Some of my favorite spots were Ala Moana beach on Honolulu and the coffee plantation on Kaui! One thing I wish I did was rent a car to drive up one of the volcano routes!


Meiling Jin in Phoenix, Arizona


@meilingjin in Phoenix in our Panda Crop Top


Meiling Jin, originally from Liaoning Province in China, mixed business with pleasure on her trip to Arizona.


What brought you to Phoenix?


It started as a business trip, but I always try to squeeze in a little time for leisure. Phoenix reminds me of my hometown, and is a great getaway from Chicago. I enjoyed the hot sun and leisurely vibe the city offered. I would definitely recommend Pheonix if you are in need of a break from a fast paced city. 


@meilingjin  striking a yoga pose in our Panda Yoga Crop Top


What were some of your other favorite activities?


I snagged a hotel right by the art district, so I was surrounded by beautiful murals designed by the many talented artists in Phoenix. I could spend all day walking the blocks and admiring the art! There were also some amazing hot springs right outside of the city that I could relax in for hours. 


@meilingjin  soaking up the sun while wearing our Panda Yoga Top 



@meilingjin showing off her amazing yoga skills in our Panda Yoga Top 


Do you recall any favorite places to eat, drink, go out to at night?


One of my favorite places in Phoenix has to be The Grand Cafe - they blew my mind with their delicious matcha. The cafe is also a really cool speakeasy and has a cozy study hall. It is incredibly unique! 


What did you do to stay healthy while traveling?


Although it is attempting to lounge around and enjoy the time away from home, I always try my best to make it to the pool and fitness center of wherever I stay. I also like to sometimes forgo eating out and  try to shop at local grocery stores for fresh vegetables and fruits. 


Nicole Smith in Chicago, Illinois


@jnicolettesmith strolling through Chicago in our Give Back Mantra Tee 


Chicago lifestyle blogger, travel icon, and family woman, Nicolette Smith shares her favorite tips on what to do in our very own Chicago!


What brought you to Chicago?


I was born and raised in Nashville, but packed my life and moved to Chicago when my husband was relocated to the city. The move was not necessarily easy, as we were super intimated by the fast-paced lifestyle here. However, over time, we've found the most incredible community of people here. We were welcomed with kindness and have received so much support from out community. We also love just how much there is to do here at any given time or day!

Coffee date! Via @jnicolettesmith 


What are some of your favorite things to do in the city?


I am a dedicated coffee shop enthusiast. My husband and I try plan coffee dates whenever we can, and challenge ourselves to finding a new spot each time. Lucky for us, there are SO many amazing options! Backlot Coffee, RoM, French Market, Coffee Joint and Damn Fine Coffee Bar are some of our favorites!




What are your favorite places to eat, drink, go out to at night etc?


My absolute favorite place to go is The Allis. It's beyond beautiful! Whenever we have guests in town we always take them to Eataly and walk them though the amazing experience. Whenever we have free time we try to discover new hole-in-the-wall places. As far as our neighborhood favorite, we love Thai Aree. It is an amazing Thai place that we find ourselves visiting a little too often! 


@jnicolettesmith in our Give Back Mantra Tee in White 


What makes Chicago feel like home?  


This city is like nothing we've ever experienced! I love being downtown and feeling the hustle and bustle, but we've found that the people here are just so kind. It's a great balance and has made the city feel like home.


@jnicolettesmith adorable son and dog 


What do you do to stay healthy in Chicago?


We try to stay as active as possible! We've got a toddler and two dogs, and one of our favorite things to do is to explore Chicago's many incredible parks. We live near Kilbourn Park and when the weather is nice we like to go every day. Portage Park is one of our son's favorite because of the great play area. If we want to be on the water, Montrose Beach is a favorite and it also has a Doggie Beach at the North end. We love walking along the water and enjoying the beautiful Chicago skyline.


Brittney Ryb in Clearwater, Florida


@yogawithbrittney in our Give Back Mantra Tee and our Perfect Fit Mini Yoga Short in Cool Cirebon


Brittney Ryb, a yoga instructor and travel addict shares her recommendations for the best things to do, see, and eat in Clearwater, Florida.


What brought you to Clearwater and do you consider this a bucket list destination?


I am lucky to head to Clearwater for work, and visit my dad who happens to be a resident. If you are looking for a laid back destination, Clearwater is the place for you! It is a very beautiful and quiet town - making it the perfect bucket list destination for those who need a break from their busy lives. 


@yogawithbrittney Super bendy in our Give Back Mantra Tee  and Cool Cirebon Perfect Fit Mini Yoga Short  


What were some of your other favorite things to do?


As a beach junkie, the beautiful white sand beaches have to be number one. The calm water stretches for miles and the sunsets are to die for. There are so many options when you are on the water. You can paddle board, enjoy a sunset pirate ship ride, and - if you are up for it - cruise on some jet skis! Also down at the beach is the Sandpearl Resort where you can pick up a s’mores kit and roast marshmallows around fire pits at the beach (even if you’re not a guest of the hotel).


Another place I always find myself visiting is the The Clearwater Marine Aquarium. All of the animals there are rescued and rehabilitated for release back into the wild. The otters at the aquarium will straight up melt your heart.


Also, make sure you travel via the free trolley! It can take you around almost all of CW and it’s a fun, retro way to sightsee!


Our Cool Cirebon Perfect Fit Mini Yoga Short was inspired by patterns found in Southeast Asia and goes back to BaliWISE to provide free literacy, English language, personal development, health and vocational education to local women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds 


Favorite places to eat, drink, and go out to at night?


I always head to Bassimo Beach Cafe for their delicious organic coffee, pastries and fresh small bites. Wildflower Cafe for healthy AND delicious organic food. Kara Lynn’s Kitchen has THE BEST, paleo meals - made from scratch! I seriously dream of Kara Lynn’s Kitchen when I am not there. Pearly’s Beach Eats is a must for trendy, giant tacos you’ll want to get a photo of before you scarf down.


What makes Clearwater stand out from other cities? 


It’s definitely a cute beach town - it’s much slower than the beaches on the west coast so if that’s you are in need of a relaxing vacation, this it the place. It is on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico so the water is warm and there aren't any crazy waves. It is the perfect place to ~chill out~ and spend your day wading in the water.


What do you do to stay healthy while traveling?


First off, I practice yoga everyday! I also constantly run on the beach because if there is a beach nearby - I have to go. I am obsessed with being in water so I always try to take a dip in the saltwater, which is great for your skin, muscles, and spine. Most of my food recommendations are there to keep me healthy as well.


Karen Earley in Boulder, Colorado


@karenearley46 in our Graffiti Panda High Waist Cropped Yoga Leggings and Slash Band Top 


Karen Earley tells Joriki just why Colorado has captivated her heart. This yogi gives us some advice on the coolest places to visit and exciting things to do in Boulder.


What brought you to go hike in Red Rocks?


My husband works in the textile industry for Cotton Incorporated. He was traveling to Denver for the outdoor retailer trade show, so my family and I joined him to go enjoy rocky Colorado! I have always wanted to visit Red Rocks, and it was definitely a was a bucket list destination for me. I have fallen in love with hot yoga over the last year and wanted to experience Yoga on the Rocks - it was amazing. 

Featuring our Graffiti Panda High Waist Crop and our Graffiti Panda Slash Band Top


What were some of your other favorite things to do while in the Boulder?


I really enjoyed the atmosphere in Boulder. It had a small town feel with local artists, one of a kind coffee shops and cafes. We loved Boxcar Coffee Roasters. Pearl Street was a lot of fun just people watching, listening to music and shopping at local stores. Denver was also a lot of fun. We had an amazing meal at Work & Class and drinks at Union Lodge No. 1. Those were two of the highlights!


Featuring our Graffiti Panda yoga set, designed by artist Domingo Zapata and goes back to to help women who are struggling financially 


What did you do to stay healthy while traveling?


I drink a lot of water infused with fruit, organic green tea with ginger, and Yogi Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy tea. Fruit and veggies are a big part of my diet, and I am also committed to being gluten free. To stay healthy on those germ-filled airplanes, I take Elderberry supplements to keep my immune system strong. 


Allyson Schwartz in El Salvador


Allyson in our Chicago Flag Legging in El Salvador 


Check out these tips and tricks from one of our favorite bloggers, Allyson Schwartz at The Silver Lining on how to balance your time, health, and fun on vacation in El Salvador!


What drew you to El Salvador?

I went to El Salvador for a wellness retreat hosted by Live Better Co. It is the perfect destination for any outdoor-lover. The waves on the coast are great to surf, especially if you are a beginner. The weather is mild, so it is perfect for outdoor yoga. It's also a great place to do yoga outdoors because in the mornings and evenings it doesn't get overly hot. If you are due for a yoga/wellness retreat, I would definitely recommend El Salvador. 


How can you learn about a culture without speaking the same language?

This is tough, but observe with your eyes. A smile is a universal language, so if you don't understand something or someone, flash them a smile so that they know you are trying. Culture also consists of so many things other than language, so make sure to step out of your comfort zone. Try new foods, try new activities, watch people as they go about their every day lives. There are so many different ways to learn and observe  a culture other than verbally expressing yourself. Sometimes, that's when we learn the most, when we can't speak. 


chicago yoga retreat

@thesilverliningblogger at her retreat in El Salvador

What was your favorite memory?

On the last night we created a huge bonfire and all sat around it. We all had to write down on a piece of paper one thing we wanted to let go of, and toss it in the fire and get rid of it for good. The night brought out so many different emotions, not just for me, but for everyone. I wrote down 1. The pressure I put on myself to be "perfect" all of the time 2. Jealousy 3. Comparing myself to others both in person and on social media. I tossed those words in the fire, and every day am consciously reminding myself that those feelings burned that night in the fire.


womens yoga retreat

@thesilverliningblogger riding the waves in El Salvador


Molly Weiland in Miami, Florida



@mollyweiland in our Navy Long Line Top and our Navy Ruched Legging


Chicago native, Molly Weiland, standing pretty at her Beach House 8 condo in South Beach. Molly shares Chicago and Miami as a home, and she had some great tips for us on all the best things to do in Miami.


Why do you love Miami, and what keeps you going back?


I love Miami because of the weather. It isn’t something you think is important until you step out of Chicago and realize how beautiful weather can make you feel elsewhere. The wide variety of food and the vibe I feel when I am there is incomparable to any other city.


What are your favorite things to do in the city?


Bodega Taqueria is definitely my favorite spot in Miami!. The BBQ carnitas tacos and strawberry daiquiris are absolutely amazing. Combining them equals the cheat meal of your dreams!




What are your favorite places to eat, drink, and go out?


Bird & Bone is home to my favorite burger in the entire world. I get all the fixings, and top it off with a fried egg (it's a must!). As far as drinks go, I love basking in the laid back vibe of Wood Tavern. It’s not too over the top, and has a very unique cocktail list. Personally, I am more of a drink at the beach type of girl and like Club Space because it has all of the essentials - good music, good dancing, and a very welcoming atmosphere. 


How does Miami compare to other cities?


Miami has such a lively vibe to it, and the Cuban culture is so strong there. The incredible energy keeps drawing me in, but I could never call it home - the 312 has my heart. 


Mary Tilson in Bali, Indonesia


@marytilson in our Ikat Ombre Yoga Top and High Waisted Legging in Bali


We love Mary Tilson so much, that we just had to feature her inspiring travels again! While living in Sumba Island, she has gotten the opportunity to travel all around Bali. This is a majestic place anyone should add to their bucket list, and Mary has some tips for those who make the trip!


@marytilson striking a yoga pose in our beautiful Sumba Warrior Patterned Yoga Set


Would you say Bali is a must-have for any bucket list?


I first visited Bali during a backpacking trip to Southeast Asia. I fell in love with the lush green tropical surroundings, and the presence of the local people with spirituality infused into every moment of daily life. Yes, Bali falls high on my list of bucket list recommendations for everything above as well as all of the unexpected experiences. There are so many hidden waterfalls, treks, beaches, and ocean cliffs that I have still yet to discover on the island.

@marytilson exploring a waterfall in Bali


What were some of your favorite activities?


One of my favorite experiences was getting up at 3am for a sunrise trek to Mt Batur Volcano. I have also spent a lot of time swimming in the waterfalls and sacred Ayung River. I got the wonderful opportunity of staying at a guesthouse hosted by a local Balinese family - where I really got in touch with the culture.


Favorite places to eat, drink, go out to at night?


In Ubud, I love Alchemy Cafe, Sayuri, and Clear Cafe. There are too many amazing restaurants to name in Bali! I don’t actually drink or go out much at night, except for Ecstatic Dance or Kirtan which I highly recommend! I love that you can get wine bottles of Kombucha at Clear Cafe, much more my style. 

Bali via @marytilson


How did you learn about their culture without speaking the same language?


I’ve been hosted by some of the most incredible local people in Bali that have invited me to take part in local ceremonies and traditions, share meals, and meet their family members. Many of the locals are bilingual and very patient teachers as well!


Nandini Jungle Resort & Spa Ubud Bali via @marytilson


What did you do to stay healthy while traveling?


Not drinking helps a lot. I go to bed at a reasonable hour, practice yoga everyday, explore my surroundings by foot, eat local foods, and I absolutely LOVE trying all of the tropical fruits and veggie dishes. Often times, in order to see the most incredible scenery, you find yourself hiking through the jungle or up a mountain, so staying fit becomes a natural byproduct of your curiosity for new places.


Nandini Jungle Resort & Spa Ubud Bali via @marytilson


What was your favorite memory?


The most recent retreat I hosted in Bali was one of the most memorable experiences, and one I will cherish forever. The venue, Nandini Resort, has the most unbelievable Balinese staff, they’re truly a second family to me and I know that was felt by the women on the retreat as well. Aside from our retreat family, the location is tucked away in the rainforest surrounded by traditional villages resting above the sacred Ayung River gorge. We caught sunrise over Mt Batur volcano together, had a sacred water blessing, daily yoga (of course!), learned to cook traditional Balinese cuisine, and danced our hearts out in the jungle! Needless to say, it won’t be the last time!

Nandini Jungle Resort & Spa Ubud Bali


When you traveled here, did you prioritize leisure, food, nightlife, or getting locally acquainted the most?


A big shift occurred when what was intended to be a 3-month trip to Southeast Asia became an open-ended lifestyle of living yoga & traveling full-time. By the time I arrived to Bali the first time, I had stopped trying to pack every day full and prioritized finding a balance between slowing down to really soak up the magic of each place, being adventurous with trying local dishes while also focusing on eating healthy, and getting a genuine feel for the local culture. As far as night life, you’d be very unlikely to catch me out past 9pm, ha! I’m way more of an early-morning person and love quiet nights in.


If these women in these amazing places didn’t make you want to pack your bags, we don’t know what will. We love our Joriki family and hope you guys enjoyed this blog! Thanks for sporting our yoga apparel, ladies! 


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