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Our Mantra and What is Means - Look Forward Give Back


If you know who we are then you’ve probably heard our mantra Look Forward Give Back. But what does this mean to us?

Here at Joriki, we are more than just yoga clothes. We have a voice and a story, and so does our apparel. With every purchase made at Joriki, we give back. This is where our mantra comes in; Look Forward Give Back.  


look forward give back

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First things first, if you don’t know who we are, you can learn more about us through our blog, Who is Joriki Yoga? In this blog, you'll learn about who we are and where our inspiration for our apparel is drawn from. Our collections are inspired from people, places (from the Sumba Islands to Guatemala, and more!) and everyday things; and we always tie in a charity.


From the beginning, Joriki Yoga was drawn from inspiration. The founder, James Langer, created Joriki because he was inspired by travel, as well as yoga and giving back.


So, why did he choose to give back?


James always had (and still does) a passion for giving back to people and places in need. He has also always been involved in various charities.


After spending some time traveling all around the world, James was drawn and inspired by all the unique cultural patterns and designs he saw. But at the same time, he also noticed that there was a lot of poverty within these regions, as well as impoverished people.

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Through James’ discoveries ( 1: Beautiful cultural patterns 2: Regions and people in need) we created our first collection. Women’s yoga apparel that was inspired by places of travel that gave back to those communities and individuals in need. This is where our mantra Look Forward Give Back was born.


Since our first collection, we have evolved from women’s yoga apparel inspired by travel to women’s yoga apparel inspired by art and our hometown, Chicago. We are currently working on more collections inspired by women that we look up to and admire. In a nutshell, Joriki is a women's yoga apparel company that is constantly being inspired, and through the inspiration, we create and give back. We also hope to inspire others through our pieces, our mantra, and our business. See a common theme here? Inspire and give back.


With every purchase that is made at Joriki, we give a portion back to selected charities. Each collection is tied back to a charity that is associated with the inspiration. Some of the charities we work with are Kiva, The Sumba Foundation, Nepal Earthquake Relief Program, Girl Forward, Pencils of Promise, Spinna BaliWISE, and The AMICUS Foundation.


Mantra Tee


look forward give back

Featuring @abigail.corinne in our Mantra Tee


With our Mantra Tee, you can rep #lookforwardgiveback anywhere you go. This shirt will show your support for helping women in need find success. A percentage of sales from our Mantra Tee goes back to Kiva, an organization which provides micro-loans to women that are struggling financially to help them start their own business.


Sumba Warrior Collection


look forward give back

@marytilson featured in our Sumba Warrior Collection


When creating this collection, we teamed up one of our favorite yogis, Mary Tilson. Mary is a passionate traveler, retreat leader, and yoga teacher and leads events all around the world. She is the Yoga & Wellness director at Nihi Sumba, a Luxury Resort in Sumba Island, Indonesia named No.1 Hotel in the World by Travel+Leisure Magazine in 2016 & 2017.


So, how did we start our partnership with Mary?


Mary actually reached out to us. She discovered our first yoga apparel collection that was inspired by places of travel, and she asked if we would be interested in collaborating with her on a capsule that was inspired by Sumba Island. Of course we were!


And so we created our Sumba Warrior Collection.


We teamed up with Mary to create beautiful pieces inspired from designs and patterns from Sumba Island - where a percentage of each sale would go to Sumba Foundation. The foundation is deeply committed to lessening the consequences of poverty on the island of Sumba. They aim to provide humanitarian aid by fostering village-based projects that impact health, education, water, and income-generation.


look forward give back

Featuring Mary Tilson Yoga in Sumba Warrior Ikat Indigo Leggings


These are just a few examples of our mantra look forward give back - each collection or capsule has its own story, inspiration, and associated charity.


Something or someone moves us, and we become so passionate about the person, place, thing (you name it) - that we create a collection. We then tie a charity to that collection.


Every collection has an associated charity that is tied to the inspiration.


Look Forward Give Back (#lookforwardgiveback) is more than just our mantra. It is the heart of what we do. Since starting Joriki Yoga, we’ve been able to donate 10% of every purchase back to various charities - depending on the pieces sold. Our mantra goes so far that we even partner with local yogis, fitness gurus, and influencers to host events at our showroom where we give back (ticket sales and 10% of Joriki sales) to their charity of choice.


So, do you Look Forward Give Back? We’d love to hear about it, and we may even feature your give back story on our Instagram! And if you’re in Chicago, don’t forget to stop by our showroom located in Humboldt Park at 2950 W Chicago Ave #203. We are appointment only, so please send us a direct message on Instagram at @jorikiyoga or an email at info@jorikiyoga.com.  

And last by not least, if you have a charity you hold close to your heart and want to collaborate on an event to raise money for your charity of choice let us know! We love to #lookforwardgiveback anyway we can and would love to host your next event/workshop in our showroom. Thank you for reading, and we hope to connect soon!


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