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Chicago Greyhound rescue


When we think about stress relief, two things come to mind: working out and playing with our favorite kinds of friends, the four-legged fuzzy ones. At least these are two of Joriki’s favorite activities, and thanks to Rescue in Style, Frog Temple Pilates Center, and Greyhounds Only, we recently got to enjoy both.


 Chicago Greyhound rescue
Joriki Director of Marketing and Sales, Amanda Cohen, with Chicago Greyhound dog up for adoption, Matilda


To create an evening that was as equally heart-pumping as it was heart-melting, Joriki teamed up with our partner, Rescue in Style, on June 5th to host a “Pilates and Pups” event at Frog Temple Pilates Studio where all ticket sales were donated to Greyhounds Only, a Chicago-based organization that takes in retired racing greyhounds and places them in loving homes.


Greyhounds for rescue in Chicago


Christine at Rescue in Style is a wonderful partner to Joriki because she truly fits the bill with our mantra #lookforwardgiveback. All of the events that she does, as well as her blog and social media (@rescueinstyle) are aimed to both help raise money and find homes for Chicago animals in need. Also, a huge shoutout to Frog Temple who  graciously donated their location and a free class to the event, resulting in a total of $410 ticket sales donated to Greyhounds Only.


Chicago Greyhound for rescue
Our partner, Rescue in Style, with Chicago Greyhound dog up for adoption, Queenie


To kick off the event, attendees were warmly welcomed by Joriki, Rescue in Style, and Frog Temple. After a short meet and greet, everyone took their spots ready to begin an hour-long mat pilates class leash by one of Frog Temple's lovely instructors, Jillian Hampshire.


Chicago Pilates Studio


After a great class and workout, it was time for everyone to unwind and mingle. And let us tell you, there were definitely two pretty big party animals that stood out to us. The two stars of the night, Queenie and Matilda.


Chicago greyhounds for rescue


Everyone talked Greyhounds while sipping Greyhound Cocktails - a delicious mix of grapefruit juice and vodka. And yes, the pun was intended. For our underage friends, we supplied WTRMLN WTR, a tasty hydrating water with natural electrolytes and antioxidants from watermelon.


Chicago pilates studio
Obviously needed to take a group photo at Frog Temple Pilates Center


Since the evening was all about one specific type of pup, we had to learn more. We got the chance to have every Greyhound-related question we could think of answered by experienced Greyhound mother to many and Greyhounds Only, President, Barbara Karant. Keep reading to learn all about these beautiful dogs, and how you can get one in your home.

How long have you been working with Greyhounds Only and how did you decide to get involved?


I have been working with greyhounds for over 20 years. I had read about the dogs being adopted after their tenure on the racetrack many years before I was ever able to adopt. I had cats my entire life and had never had a dog. The breed seemed perfect, as many of them have some feline characteristics. I volunteered and donated until I was able to adopt.


Do Greyhounds require any special care? 


Greyhounds have no prior experience living in a home, as they have only lived in a kennel full of other greyhounds. They need to be educated on things like glass doors, windows, telephones, and televisions, as these things are all new to them. Greyhounds require a large crate, as that is what they are used to living in at the track. Most greyhounds like their crates and it is a very good training tool for a new dog. All greyhounds require a dog bed (or several) as they are bony and it is not comfortable for them to lie on hard surfaces… though some will just sleep absolutely anywhere. They have very thin skin so soft brushes are recommended for grooming, but little other maintenance is required and frequent bathing is not needed. Greyhounds are sensitive to extreme temperatures because they have no body fat to protect them from the elements, so care must be taken in very hot or cold weather. Dental care – including regular brushing and dental cleanings – is important as well.


What kinds of personalities do Greyhounds have?


Greyhounds are "velcro dogs" and many will follow you everywhere. They love to be with their people. Most also enjoy the company of other dogs, although some are high prey and cannot live in a home with small dogs or cats. (More details below!)


What should someone know about a Greyhound if he or she is interested in adopting?


Our adoption fee is $250 and includes: collar, leash, training squawker (duck call), all necessary vaccinations and blood tests, dental cleaning, and spay or neuter. They are primarily very lazy and will lounge or sleep for up to 18 hours a day. They have short bursts of energy and are not good for marathons, although some people jog shorter distance with their dogs. A GREYHOUND MUST NEVER BE OFF LEAD UNLESS IN A FENCED AREA. A greyhound can reach speeds of 45 mph in three strides. Greyhounds Only has a lost dog program in the event of an escaped greyhound.


How does the process work to adopt a Greyhound?


All potential adopters complete an application which can be found on our website: www.greyhoundsonly.com. Volunteers screen each application and conduct a phone interview, and if the applicant is approved, the family visits a kennel to select a greyhound. (Get the full response by downloading the PDF below).


How can someone get involved with the organization?


Visit us at Meet & Greet events almost every weekend at Petco, PetSmart, PAWS Chicago and Pet Supplies Plus. We also participate in many street fairs and public events throughout the year. We are always looking for volunteers to help run events, foster, fundraise, write grants, and to donate items or services we can raffle or auction at our yearly fundraising event, the Greyhounds Only Reunion.


Greyhounds Only is an incredible organization that helps so many dogs in need. If you would like to learn more, follow them on Facebook or contact them by email for any volunteer opportunities. 


If you are interested in rescuing a Greyhound, click below to read the full interview with Greyhounds Only and get steps on the adoption process.



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  • Pamela Langer: July 02, 2018

    I have been lucky enough to have adopted 2 GREYHOUND’s in the past. Both were retired racers. They were the sweetest dogs I have ever had and the only way I can describe them is “angelic”. They absolutely love and adore their owner unconditionally and will look into your eyes with a love that’s hard to explain and unmatched by any other animal on earth. I now have several cats and a dog that I have rescued and I will adopt another Greyhound when the time is right and I can’t wait for that time. I do want to add one thing to potential Greyhound “parents”. Greyhounds need to be shown and taught how to handle stairs. This is another thing they have never encountered. They are also not familiar with large windows or glass patio doors. They may try to leap through the glass not knowing they cannot do so. Unfortunately my sweet angels did not live long due to ailments associated with racing, but the experience of owning these beautiful creatures is something I will relive in the near future.

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