Thank You to Our Partners

Thank You to Our Partners 


Joriki has been built around the concept that inspiration leads to creation, and creation leads to giving back. We work to accomplish this by creating yoga apparel with a story, then giving back to the people that have inspired each creation. Today, we would like to thank the people that have supported, promoted, and partnered with our brand to spread our message. We would be nowhere without the partnerships and relationships we have formed along the way.  


Yoga Studios in Chicago / Fitness Studios




womens yoga pants

Featuring @kjenmark5, @thekristenkode, and Aura of @105f in our Chicago Leggings and Black Slash Band Top.


A special thank you to 105f for doing photoshoots with us,  hosting events with us, doing consignment with us, and now wholesale. It's been an absolute pleasure working with Kiley Enmark @kjenmark5- we love you! Check out their locations here, where they have our black and grey Chicago leggings and shorts in their studio. You can also follow them on Instagram here.  


Greatly Gracious


womens yoga clothes  

Featuring  @greatlygracious in our Graffiti Panda Leggings and Black Slash Band Top


Greatly Gracious has been a great partner since the beginning, selling our apparel at their Wicker Park yoga studio and allowing us to join them for several events. We are also so appreciative of GG giving our JFAM Members (Brand Ambassadors) some awesome perks to their studio and classes! Thank you to owners, Midori Doumani @midoridoumani and Sarah Wheeler @sk_wheels, as well as Evan Wheeler for always being our go to and wanting to collaborate with Joriki in all of the ways!


Frog Temple Pilates


We adore the staff that we know at Frog Temple Pilates, such as Pilates Instructor, Jillian Hampshire (@wildcatpilates) and owner, Randy Whitman. We are so happy that they carry our clothes in their studio! In addition to helping get our name out there, they have teamed up with us for a very special event, which included ticket sales going back to Greyhounds Only - a Chicago-based organization that rescues retired racing greyhounds and places them in loving homes. We were able to raise money for the organization with our wonderful partner Christine Nendick of Rescue in Style! Read more about the great work we did here.


Zen Yoga Garage


womens yoga leggings

Featuring @astehr14 from @zenyogagarage in our Chicago Legging and Mantra Tee  


Thank you to the amazing ladies of Wicker Park yoga studio, Zen Yoga Garage, for carrying our yoga apparel, doing a photoshoot with some of our yoga clothes, and helping us spread the word. You also have the friendliest staff and are always so welcoming when we come in. We appreciate you! Zen’s classes are amazing and challenging, check out their schedule here!


Ritual Hot Yoga 


River North Yoga Studio, Ritual Hot Yoga, is one of our most recent partners and we are so very excited to work together! What’s in the pipeline? Thank you for coming to our showroom to discuss all of the great ways we can work together. We are so excited for an employee shopping night at Joriki, a membership event together in 2019, all of the wonderful ideas we explored in cross promoting, and the great perks you are going to provide our JFAM Members (Joriki Family Members AKA Brand Ambassadors). Last but not least, a special shout out to Rachel @rachelsrituals and Michelle @michellesrituals for being so wonderful to work with and purchasing from and supporting Joriki. Thank you we love you!

Midtown Athletic Club


Last but not least, we would like to give a special thanks to Midtown Athletic Club for carrying our apparel wholesale for their members and doing a popup event. We thank you so much for helping us expand our clientele and spreading our mantra, #lookforwardgiveback. Your facility is absolutely beautiful, and we cannot wait to continue to partner with you!


Lovely Ladies   


womens yoga set

Featuring @marytilson in our Ikat Ombre Leggings and Top


If it weren’t for the amazing ladies that show how beautiful our clothes are, where would we be?! We want to take a moment to thank all of the inspiring and talented women that have allowed us to photograph them in Joriki.




Featuring @marytilson in our Ikat Ombre Leggings and Top


We would like to first off thank Mary Tilson @marytilson, who is an international Yoga Teacher offering yoga retreats, workshops, and yoga teacher training around the world. Mary is not only an amazing yoga teacher and retreat leader, but she collaborated with us to create our Sumba Warrior Collection. In fact, she was the one who reached out to us to do a collection together after seeing that we had produced yoga clothes that were travel inspired. Her passion for the people of Sumba Island and desire to improve their lives lead to the creation of this collection, which was inspired by cultural prints in Sumba Island, Indonesia, and goes back to Sumba Foundation to help with poverty on the island. And through our profound partnership with Mary, we are always brainstorming together on the Sumba Warrior Collection. She is constantly getting the word out about Joriki by featuring us in her blogs, like, The Sumba Warrior Collection: Yoga Pants with Purpose, and, in fact, Mary will be doing an Instagram takeover for us from November 26th to November 29th where she will rock Sumba in Bali, Indonesia. Stay tuned for some absolutely stunning photos and stories as well as get ready to learn more on Mary, a one of a kind woman and yogi. We could not appreciate all of her efforts more. Thank you so much, Mary.




womens yoga leggings and top

Featuring @melisfit_ in our Graffiti Panda Leggings and Slash Band Top


A huge thank you to Melissa Metrano @melisfit_. This amazing yogi and influencer has done so much for our brand. Melissa has provided us with many beautiful pieces of content of her looking fantastic in Joriki; she has collaborated with us for several giveaways which helped with our brand awareness and getting our name in front of so many new awesome people; and she partnered with us for an awesome event in LA where she taught a yoga class for us at Playlist. She even met us at our showroom and gave us so much great feedback on our apparel by trying on our clothes and providing her honest opinions that helped us grow. We love Melissa so much and we hope you do too. Stay tuned for a BIG SURPRISE that we are doing with Melissa - we can’t wait to fill you guys in on this!




womens yoga top

Featuring @lifeoftravels in our Vibrant Cirebon Tank


Hilary of Life of Travels @lifeoftravels has helped our brand so much. From attending Joriki events in Seattle to contributing to brand strategy and creative brainstorm session, to always providing constructive feedback on our brand and projects, to taking beautiful photos all over the world while dressed in Joriki and giving us amazing content to doing an Instagram takeover for us and so much more - Hilary has been a monumental part of our overall success and identity. We met because of her love of travel and our inspired collections went hand in hand, but our partnership went above and beyond her just producing great content for us. But as far as content goes - a huge thank you also for all of the wonderful pictures of you traveling the world in Joriki, as well as the amazing guest blogs you have written for us that we truly cherish (like: Connecting with Yourself and our National Parks). We’ve also loved writing on your website in return! One of our favorite pieces we wrote for you was 5 Ways to Become More Grounded. Thank you, Life of Travels, for being so amazing and helping us out so much with joy! Friends, check them out for some amazing travel photos and tips!




womens yoga clothes

Featuring @tditty2 in our Black Mesh Legging and Panda Tank.


Tova @tditty2 is one of the coolest, most talented, and most flexible ladies we have met! Her ability to put herself in the most challenging yoga poses - and to do it with ease - has made us look up to her so much and be so proud to dress her in Joriki. Have you seen her Instagram following? She is an amazing influencer in the yogi world, and out of the kindest of her heart and her believing in our company, she donated her time for a photoshoot free of charge. She supports our brand by giving us amazing content and spreading our message. We could not be more thankful!




womens yoga tank

Featuring @daisy_fakouhi in our Panda Tank and Jet Black Mini Shorts.


Mina @daisy_fakouhi is another lovely lady that has enriched our brand in so many ways! She joined us for an incredible photoshoot (her photos are ALL over our feed) where she was so creative with her poses. We learned so much from working with her that we couldn’t stop there! We have partnered further by her offering a discount on her beautiful jewelry, Eye Indigo, to our Joriki Fam Members (Brand Ambassadors) which is a program that we are rolling out to the public any day now. If you are interested in learning more, you can look here, and you can also apply here.




womens  joggers

Featuring @alexiabauerl in our matching Vibrant Cirebon Zip-Up and Slouch Pants.


We partnered with Alexia @alexiabauerl for a fall photoshoot where she had us in awe over her yoga skills! She is an amazing soul and an awesome sport! It was absolutely freezing when we did our photoshoot with her recently, and she was so sweet and easygoing. She was coatless and shoeless and never once complained. We cannot wait to see what we can accomplish together. Thank you for being you, Alexia!




womens yoga clothes

Featuring @jogrange in our matching Graffiti Panda Slash Band Top and Crop Legging


Johanna Grange @jogrange is an amazing hustlin’ lady that deserves so much of our love! She is an inspirational self-starter who has done us the honor of being featured on her blog, where she had so many nice things to say about our brand and our apparel. “This brand is redefining yoga apparel in the most playful way possible. Not only are the pieces highly fashionable and unique; each design is tied to a charity which I, of course, love.” - Read the rest of the blog hereIt was so much fun meeting you in person. Thank you, Jo! 




womens yoga leggings

Featuring @being_bettina in our Ikat Indigo Legging and Top


Bettina @being_bettina is another woman that we are so thankful for. Not only is she a beauty and style ICON, but she has been so kind and supportive of our brand. She shared her experience at our showroom on her Instagram story, wrote a travel yoga blog featuring us, invited us to her great Friendsgiving party, and so much more. Bettina is always coming to us with great ideas on how to partner and always connecting us with new people. We absolutely have loved getting to know you and can’t wait to see where this friendship (and partnership)  takes us.




Featuring @hopesandseams in our Ikat Indigo Legging and White Loose Drape Drop


Alyssa @hopesandseams has been such a vocal supporter of Joriki. She has posted photos of her looking amazing in Joriki, and even wrote a blog dedicated to our brand titled: Look Forward, Give Back. "Not only do I love the idea that they give back globally, but I also love the fit and material of their products! They seriously feel so soft and super comfortable (like a second set of skin)!! The pants fit very well, true to size" - you can read more here. We are so happy to have such a fun and fashionable woman working with us. We can’t wait to see what is in store for us!


womens yoga leggings and bralette

Featuring in our Jet Black Leggings and Graffiti Panda Bralette


We have loved working with Julianna We had a very successful photoshoot with her scouting our some of the most Instagrammable walls in Chicago, and she has been wonderful with getting together and brainstorming ways we can work together! We feel like we’ve been friends forever, and she is so easy to hang out with and so much fun. We love her confidence and aura. Julianna is always looking for ways to support our brand and we could not appreciate her more. Thank you love!




womens yoga leggings

Featuring @abigail.corinne in our Navy Ruched Legging and Navy Long Line Top.


Abigail @abigail.corinne is one of the most down-to-earth, warm souls we have ever met. She exudes good vibes and we had the absolute pleasure doing a beautiful, summer photoshoot with her. She also has a passion for creating a welcoming community around mental health and collaborated with us for an event benefiting NoStigmas, an organization that is dedicated to ending the stigma around mental illness. Thank you Abigail!




womens chicago leggings

Featuring @hungerlusttravel in our Chicago Legging and Black Slash band Top.


Lily @hungerlusttravel is an amazing partner that is complete wanderlust #goals. Her trips inspire us to see the world and we thank her so much for taking her Joriki apparel around the world. She has photographed our clothes in so many places around that globe and we are so happy that she includes us in her travels. We appreciate you so much, Lily.  




womens yoga leggings

Featuring @geenicolette in our Mantra Tee and Black Legging


Gina @geenicolette is a fierce and fashionable lady that we have had the great pleasure of working with. Not only does she inspire us to dress better, but she inspires us to do better. Her love for animals led us to co-hosting a yoga and fascia rolling event where the proceeds went to benefit the @anticruelty society in Chicago, and we are already brainstorming ideas for another event. Thank you so much for helping us help others. 




We have had a long relationship with Lora LaPratt at Shopping Girl XOXO @shoppinggirlxoxo and we have loved every second of it! She is a personal shopper right here in Chicago, and has kept us in mind for so many of her clients. She even hosts a ton of Joriki apparel at her very own home, which she has converted partially into a beautiful showroom. We are so happy and grateful for our partnership with Lora who helps spread the word on us and supports our brand with our clients. If you are ever looking for a personal shopper, Lora is a great gal to meet! Thank you!




Michelle Jones @styledbymjonesy is another amazingly fashionable lady that is just a beam of sunshine! She pulls pieces from our showroom for her clients, helping us spread the idea of #lookforwardgiveback. We’ve only known Michelle for a short period of time, but she has already helped share our brand so successfully. Thank you so much for your help Michelle and we cannot wait to continue our partnership!




chicago yoga teacher

Featuring @shannonconnellyogaandwellness in our Panda Tank and Tibet Legging


Shannon @shannonconnellyogaandwellness has an amazingly warm presence about her. We love working with her and are so grateful for her kind heart and inviting us to her rooftop for a yoga and essential oil workshop. She is always looking for ways to support Joriki - whether is being coming in to chat and shop with us or connecting us with her network, we could not thank her enough for supporting us and being so generous. 




Featuring @chelseareneeyoga in our Ikat Indigo Legging and White Loose Drape Drop


Chelsea of Rise and Wine Yoga @chelseareneeyoga is an absolute inspiration. She has devoted her life to combining two of our favorite things (wine & yoga) and we couldn’t be more thankful for bringing this amazing combination into our lives. We have collaborated on multiple events, and Chelsea has even stepped in to sell Joriki at her own events as well as work events for us. We always had such a great time, and we appreciate you! Thank you so much for everything you do. If you are like us and like wine and yoga, check out Chelsea's awesome events here. Chelsea also has an amazing new essential oil blend for sale that is a beautiful combination of rosemary, lemongrass, orange, lavender, and rose petals. This Karma Crystal spray has a moonstone infusion that will make you feel as heavenly as it smells.




Julianna Zobrist @juliannazobrist is an amazing Chicago fashion and lifestyle icon that we have had the great pleasure of getting to know. If you take a look at her Instagram page, you will see empower and inspire written all over it. We think that Julianna is such a great representation of our brand, as she is such a strong, smart awesome, creative and independent woman. We were so fortunate that Julianna came to our showroom to discuss ways we can collab, and we CAN’T WAIT to share with you all the surprise we have in store.


womens yoga leggings

Featuring @danicayoga in our Navy Ruched Legging and Navy Strappy Bra


@yogawithbrittney and @danicayoga


A special thank you to Brittney @yogawithbrittney and Danica @danicayoga for being awesome yogis and a models for us. Thank you so much for creating beautiful content for us in New York and Seattle!


Last but not least, we would like to thank all of our customers who come into our showroom to shop and share us one their social media. We appreciate your support so much and a small business like us could not succeed without you. Get in on the fun that goes down in our showroom and book an appointment here!



Awesome Chicago Communities


womens yoga clothes

Featuring @tditty2 in our Floral Domingo Zapata Collection.


We would be nowhere without the support of this amazing city. Not only is Chicago beautiful, but it is full of organizations that are eager to help small businesses.




EvolveHer @evolveher is a network of amazing women who are looking to improve themselves and their professional lives. They provide women with a space where they can create and collaborate with other women in the city. We have partnered with them on events and we even provide partnership perks to their members. Thank you for helping us grow, EvolveHer.




aSweatLife @asweatlife is dedicated to helping people find their happiness through fitness and community. They have taught us so much about the power of networking and helped us be more involved in the Chicago scene. We have partnered with them for a photoshoot, and we are very excited to see where 2019 takes us with all of the great ideas we have discussed.




Inspired @inspired is a company that gives out free debit cards to help people spark free donations. They have a mission that aligns with ours - to make it easier for people to give back. We are so excited to announce that we are pursuing a partnership in 2019 and can't wait to see what we can accomplish together! 


Last but not least, we would like to thank the women who have helped us create a community around Joriki and our mission, #lookforwardgiveback. We so much appreciate the effort that these women have put into creating and scheduling creative events with us, both in and outside of our showroom. Thank you, ladies, for your support and love for our brand. 


Fabulous Products 


Featuring @drinkpetal


Our showroom is full of beautiful yoga apparel provided by us, and amazing snack, drinks, ad products provided by the generosity of amazing companies. They help our clients get the most out of their showroom shopping experience




Petal @drinkpetal is a delicious zero-calorie sparkling beverage that is made out of ROSES. We love the taste and girlish feeling this drink gives us.


Vital Proteins


Vital Proteins @vitalproteins has helped our clients feel even more beautiful than they already are. Their collagen-based products enrich our bodies with a necessary vitamin that we lack in our everyday lives. Thank you for keeping us young!




Unicreamer @unicreamer has helped us and our clients have so many guilt-free cups of coffee. Their plant-based creamer makes for the perfect cup each time, and have our bodies feeling amazing. We have also collaborated with Unicreamer for contest giveaways and multiple brainstorming sessions. We love their company and the amazing partnership we have formed!




Vajze @vajze makes the most beautiful and fierce handmade gold jewelry. They create both dainty and statement pieces, and we want them all! They have been so generous with our brand, offering a discount to our JFAM Members (Brand Ambassadors). We are so happy to be partnered with you.  


Eye Indigo


Eye Indigo @eye_indigo is Mina’s beautiful crystal jewelry. A special discount goes out to our JFAM members, so they can reach higher vibrations with the help of her crystals.


womens headband

Featuring @abigail.corinne in our Sedate Cirebon Tank and Head Wrap.


Every one of our partners are so unique, but we love each of them the same. We thank you so much for supporting our brand, and spreading the word all around Chicago. Once again, thank you so much to the partners that believe in us and want to see us succeed. If you would like to partner with us, please send us an email at or send us a DM at @jorikiyoga.

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