5 Ways to Manage Stress This Holiday Season

5 Ways to Manage Stress This Holiday Season  


It is important to spend your holiday season relaxing with your loved ones and counting your blessings. However, sometimes it gets hard to remember what the holidays are about as your to-do list grows longer and all of your commitments are spreading you thin. To ensure that you're spending your holidays in a calm and collected state of mind, we want to share 5 ways to manage stress this holiday season. Put down that long list of holiday chores and pick up some of these tips!


1. Meditate 


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You’re probably rolling your eyes at this suggestion thinking that you barely have enough time to read this blog, let alone plop down to meditate! But all you need is 5-10 minutes of pure silence and concentration to feel refreshed. Next time you are in between tasks, take a moment for yourself. Turn off the T.V, dim the lights, and get in the zone.


2. Say "No" 


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We all love to extend a helping hand during the holidays, but sometimes it is best to just say no. If you can’t handle adding another obligation to your list, don’t be afraid to politely say no to someone asking for help. Work through your obligations first before you offer any extra help. Do what you can but don’t let yourself slip away! Make sure you are always your first priority.


3. Get Some Sleep


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If you find yourself feeling snippy or overwhelmed, make sure you have been getting enough sleep. Holiday planning can often take up much of our nights, but try not to lose yourself as you are getting everything ready for your family and friends.  You can’t be the best version of yourself when you’re low on rest. If you are losing sleep over what to gift your yogi friends, check out our Yogi Gift Guide for some inspo and that off your list of things to do.


4. Give Back 


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Let’s be honest - the majority of us have way too much stuff. And the process of constantly shopping both online and in person can really make us forget what the holidays are supposed to be about. Take some time to slow down and give back to someone who really needs it. Spend a night volunteering for great cause or find something you are passionate about to donate to. We of course recommend any of the wonderful charities we work with, and encourage you to give in any way you can. We give back with each and every purchase, as every collection is tied to a different charity and has a different story behind it. Not everyone is lucky enough to be surrounded by gifts and family this holiday season. Spread the love and feel your holiday stress seem silly and melt away.


5. Do Some Yoga 


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Yoga can cure almost anything (well, not everything, but a lot!). And if you are feeling too stressed out or busy to get yourself to a yoga studio, then that means you definitely have to go! Don’t let your self-care fall behind during this stressful holiday season. Book a class (at any of these amazing studios)  this week and focus on your body and mind. All of your holiday obligations will be there once the class is over, and you can get right back to it - but this time with a clear head.


The holidays are a wonderful time, but we know it doesn’t always seem that way. Don’t let the stress of the holiday season put a damper on your festivities. Remember these 5 ways to manage holiday stress, and make sure you take care of yourself before you begin to take care of anyone or anything else.


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