5 Yogis to be Following on Instagram

5 Yogis to be Following on Instagram

Everyone needs a little yoga inspiration every now and again. What better way to be motivated then by scrolling through our Instagram! Here at Joriki, we’ve already written about yogis that inspire us but today, we’re going to share with you our top five picks for incredible yogis to be following on Instagram.


1. Rachel Brathen- @yoga_girl

With over two million followers, Rachel Brathen is no ordinary yogi. Apart from practicing and teaching yoga, Rachel is also a New York Times best-selling author, podcaster, and mom to an adorable two-year-old girl. And fun fact, she is the creator of the famous Instagram hashtag: #yogaeverydamnday. Rachel posts everything from inspiring yoga videos, to healthy recipes, unique and challenging yoga poses, book recommendations and much more! Rachel has turned her passion for yoga into her lifestyle - which is why we love her Instagram page!


2. Kino MacGregor- @kinoyoga

Kino Macgregor boasts over 1 million followers on Instagram and is first and foremost a yogi. Apart from that, she is known as an author, music creator, Ashtanga teacher, entrepreneur, and beach lover. Kino shares her love for yoga on Instagram and motivates everyone to try yoga - no matter how experienced you are! We are inspired by her ability to have earned the certification to teach Ashtanga yoga by its founder at the age of 29, making her one of the youngest individuals to accomplish this. If you are not familiar with Ashtanga, be sure to give our blog Ashtanga Yoga Poses to Try a read!


3. Dylan Werner- @dylanwerneryoga

Traveling the world to share your love for yoga? This sounds like a lifestyle that many can only dream of having! International yogi, Dylan Werner, was able to make that dream his reality. We love how his Instagram shows all the amazing places that he has been -even though it does make us a little jealous! Be sure to check out our blog to see Joriki in cool places around the world for more yogi travel inspo! However, it is the inspirational yoga captions that make this account one that you must follow. One of our favorites is “When challenging things are no longer challenging, we need to look for new challenges to grow.” (Now that's a great quote for a yogi to live by!)


4. Kerri Verna- @Beachyogagirl

As someone who has been practicing yoga for over 17 years, Kerri Verna is a yogi that we can all strive to be like. Her page is filled with inspirational photos, quotes, and tutorials. Some even include using her dog as an assistant  (we wish our dogs were that well behaved)! Something that we can also really love and appreciate is that Kerri used yoga as a way to turn around her life. We definitely understand the benefits of yoga (both mentally and physically). Check out one of our favorite blogs- 5 grounding yoga poses.  


5. Kylan Fischer- @Yoga_Ky

Kylan Fischer is a yoga teacher and health coach based out of Los Angeles, California. She teaches classes, hosts workshops, and organizes retreats all around the world. Kylan utilizes Instagram to share all of her experiences - and we love following them! She teaches yoga as a way to help people feel better on the inside as well as outside. Here at Joriki, we love the idea of helping others and can easily relate with our main mantra being: #lookforwardgiveback. With each piece of clothing that we sell at Joriki, part of the sales are donated back to a specific charity.


We hope you enjoyed reading about our favorite yogis to follow on Instagram! Please be sure to let us know what YOUR favorites are in the comments below. Each of these individuals is unique in their own way, and following any of these insta yogi celebs will be sure to give you a boost of yoga inspiration in your daily life. Oh, and by the way, since you’ll already be on Instagram - be sure to give us a follow @JorikiYoga!  

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