Who is Joriki Yoga?

Who is Joriki Yoga? 

If you clicked on this blog, that might mean a couple of things. Either you’ve heard of Joriki Yoga but don’t know who we are besides our yoga clothes, or you have an idea of who we are, but want to know more.


Behind every company is a story, and we want to tell you ours.


@tditty in Navy Ruched Legging 


So who is Joriki Yoga? Let’s start from the beginning.

It all started with our owner, James Langer. He had (and still does have) a great passion for yoga, traveling, and giving back.  


 When traveling throughout India, into the far corners of Southeast Asia, into completely undeveloped parts of Africa, and deep into the jungles of South America, James saw so many beautiful cultural patterns in each region, but at the same time, he also noticed so much impoverishment and people in need.


Soon, a beautiful idea evolved in James' mind. Which then blossomed into an even more beautiful creation. James combined three things he loved to start Joriki:


1) Yoga

2) Travel

3) Giving Back


Joriki was born in 2015. And since then, our story has evolved.



@juju.bee.like in our Panda Sweatshirt


We started off with yoga apparel that was inspired by travel and gave back to those regions in need. But we didn't want to limit ourselves into just travel inspired yoga apparel. We wanted something more.  


Today, each one of our collections has a story and an inspiration. Something or someone moves us, and we become to passionate about the person or thing, that we create a collection. We then tie a charity to that collection. Every collection  has an associated charity that is tied to the inspiration.


Right now, we have pieces inspired by travel, art, our hometown (Chicago!), and last but not least, pieces created because we wanted to give back to a specific charity or natural disaster relief. We are currently working on two other capsules as well that are inspired by two strong, very empowering women. In each capsule, we are working with each woman to create pieces that both speak to both her and Joriki. We will then work together to pick a charity that we both love, where a percentage of each sale will go back to the organization. Stay tuned for these amazing pieces that we are working on - you will want to shop them! 


women supporting women quote


Another important thing to know about Joriki is we are women run. Our owner is a fantastic, admirable, very hard working and charitable man, but this business's every day is fueled 100% by women power. Women supporting women and coming together and empowering one another is such an important component of our business and mission.


*Most of the charities that we work with are women focused*


So, what does Joriki mean?


The word Joriki is a Japanese term. It is the power of strength that arises when the mind unifies in Zazen concentration. Zazen concentration is what comes from deep concentration during meditation. James wanted to create yoga apparel that told a story with each collection of, and always tie in an associated charity liked to the inspiration. This is what our mantra, look forward giving back means and is a core value of our company and who we are.


Look Forward Give Back


Joriki Yoga













@daisy_fakouhi featured in our Mantra Tee



Look Forward Give Back (#lookforwardgiveback) became our mantra and it is the heart of what we do.  With every purchase made at Joriki Yoga, a portion of sales goes back to a selected charity. We like to say that we are not just yoga clothes. Our apparel has a story and gives back. 


Some of the charities Joriki works with are Kiva, The Sumba Foundation, Nepal Earthquake Relief Program, Girl Forward, Pencils of Promise, Spinna BaliWISE, and The AMICUS Foundation.


Joriki Yoga













Photo from @marytilson at the Sumba Hospitality Foundation. Mary is wearing our Sumba Warrior Ikat Ombre Leggings where a percentage of sales goes to Sumba Foundation to help alleviate poverty on Sumba Island.


The Tibetan Prayer Flag Pants


Joriki Yoga

@abigail.corinne featured in our Tibetan Prayer Flag legging


These colorful and vibrant pants are inspired by Tibetan prayer flags. Tibetan prayer flags symbolize colors of red, blue, yellow, white, and green; represent earthly elements like air, water, fire, and earth. Prayer flags are always hung up so they move with the wind. The vibrations of the wind carry out your prayers through the wind.

A percentage of sales from our Tibetan Prayer Flag Pant goes directly to the victims of the Nepal earthquake on April, 25th, 2015.


Sumba Warrior Collection


Joriki Yoga

















@marytilson featured in our Sumba Warrior Collection


The Sumba Warrior Collection was inspired by the island of Sumba, which is an island located in eastern Indonesia. If you pay close attention to the unique pattern of this collection, it is unique to the traditional patterns used on the island and the pattern is inspired by traditional Ikat textiles from Sumba.


A percentage of sales from our Sumba Warrior line goes directly to The Sumba Foundation. The foundation is deeply committed to lessening the consequences of poverty on the island of Sumba. They aim to provide humanitarian aid by fostering village-based projects that impact health, education, water, and income-generation. All of this is done while preserving and respecting the fragile culture and traditions of the Sumbanese people.


The Guatemala Legging


Joriki Yoga 

@daisy_fakouhi featured in our Guatemala legging


The Guatemala legging is an inspired print from hand-loomed, vintage Guatemalan textiles. Our distinctive Guatemalan print pops against solid navy side panels to create a slimming silhouette. This design is unique and richly detailed. If you want to read more about our Guatemala legging, check out our blog post Yoga Clothes that Give Back: Joriki Guatemala Pant + Pencils of Promise.


A percentage of sales from our Guatemala Legging goes directly to Pencils of Promise, an organization that believes every child should have access to quality education. Pencils of Promise creates schools and global communities around the common goal of education for all. To date Pencils of Promise has built over 170 schools in Guatemala!


Domingo Zapata


Joriki Yoga













@daisy_fakouhi featured in our Abstract Floral top and Abstract Floral Legging


The Domingo Zapata Floral print was inspired by Picasso’s belief that every child has innocence & an artist in them. Another part of the series was inspired by a stuffed Panda Bear was given to him by his son.


A percentage of each sale from the Domingo Collection go to Kiva which provides micro-loans to impoverished women with entrepreneurial spirits.


The Chicago Legging


Joriki Yoga

 @abigail.corinne featured in our Chicago Legging


The iconic Chicago Legging is the perfect piece of apparel to show off your Chicago pride! This design is fully opaque and features a core-supporting high waistband, making it perfect for your yoga classes.


A percentage of sales from this iconic legging goes directly to Girl Forward. Launched in Chicago in 2011, Girl Forward is the first and only organization dedicated to creating opportunities for refugee girls who have been resettled in the U.S. from countries around the world.


This is just a peek into the collections and stories behind Joriki Yoga. We make yoga clothes that inspire us and give back to charity with every purchase, it’s as simple as that. We are not just yoga clothes - we have both a voice and a story. We are a very small company with big dreams to give back to those in need.


Along with this, we love meeting the individuals who make up the wonderful community of yoga! If you’re in Chicago and want to stop by our showroom to shop please send us an email at info@joriki.com or DM on Instagram at @jorikiyoga. If you have a charity you hold close to your heart and want to collaborate on an event to raise money for your charity of choice let us know! We love to #lookforwardgiveback anyway we can and would love to host your next event/workshop in our showroom. Thank you for reading, and we hope to connect soon!


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