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Why Travel? Why Joriki?

Four Ways Yoga can Help Improve your Happiness

Hi Joriki lovers!

Kevin and Hilary here from Life of Travels.



We’re beyond excited to partner with Joriki as we travel around the world exploring destinations near and far. We will be sharing these adventures on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and also have the pleasure of connecting with you right here on the Joriki blog each month!

Our goal is to inspire you to get out and learn about the world around us. That can be the Great Wall of China or the Empire State Building or simply a new town an hour away. Travel doesn’t have to be elegant and grand to be meaningful and beneficial.


Kevin hiking the Mesquite Sand Dunes of Death Valley National Park, California, USA


The ability to travel is a privilege, but it is also a choice.


If you are able to adventure someplace new, then it is simply your choice to do so. This is so much harder than it seems. Travel can be scary. New places have so many unknowns. You may have travel solo. You may have lots of obligations at home.

We get it.


Hilary wearing Tibetan Prayer Flag Pant in Olympic National Park, Washington, USA
The hardest part is committing. Taking action. Making the choice to travel. Channeling Joriki - the strong, individual power that arises when the mind unifies in Zazen concentration and enables instinctive action.

But if you listen to your instincts and choose to travel, we guarantee you will be be happy taking the step to explore something new. It does not have to be far. It does not have to be international. It does not have to be expensive. It only needs to be new and fun.

You will only regret the places you did not go and the experiences you were afraid to have.


Taj Mahal, Agra, India


So let us share with you what we’ve encountered on our adventures, as we sincerely believe that the best way to learn is through experience. That means meeting new people, diving into new cultures, exploring new cities - truly understanding how other people live and how beautiful our planet is.


Jardim Antonio Borges, Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal

Along the way you can catch us sporting Joriki and spreading their message of giving back. We dig Joriki because their designs are influenced by places and cultures around the world, and a percentage of their proceeds go back to the women and children of those communities. The more you learn about the diverse people and places of our world, the more you realize the importance of paying it forward.

There’s a lot of fun in our future and we hope you come along for the ride.


Travel safe,
Kevin + Hilary

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