Why We Love Our Tibetan Prayer Flag Legging

Why We Love Our Tibetan Prayer Flag Legging


As you may know, every women’s yoga piece that Joriki has a story behind it, and a charity associated. We have a lot of beautiful prints and colors, but today, we want to focus on one that is very close to our heart - our Tibetan Prayer Flag Yoga Legging.


Our Tibetan Flag Legging is one of our favorite pieces we sell. This colorful, graphic piece makes a fashionable statement perfect for everything from a yoga class to a Starbucks run, and its beautiful, vibrant pops of color definitely make you stand out (in all of the best ways possible) in the crowd. However, our favorite aspect about this legging is not what it looks like. It's the deep meaning and charity attached to it.  Tibetan prayer flags, which these leggings are inspired by, are associated with rich culture and important significance. Keep on reading to learn some facts about Tibetan prayer flags, our Tibetan Flag Legging, and the wonderful cause that this Joriki piece goes back to. #lookforwardgiveback


Tibetan Prayer Flag Yoga Legging

Featuring @abigail.corinne in our Tibetan Flag Legging and Navy Long Line Top


Let’s start with the basics. Our Tibetan Flag Legging comes in a cropped style and features a bright geometric pattern with hues of blue, red, green, white, and yellow. But, we didn’t just pick these colors because they compliment each other well. Each has a specific meaning. Blue signifies the sky, red symbolizes fire, green symbolizes water, white represents the air, and yellow symbolizes the earth. Together, these colors symbolize the balance of these elements.


 Tibetan Flag Legging

Featuring @abigail.corinne in our Tibetan Flag Legging and Navy Long Line Top


Joriki loved the story of the Tibetan Prayer Flags, and when the Nepal Earthquake happened in 2015, we wanted to create a legging inspired by this print that went back to this community in need. We’re so excited to share that 10% of the proceeds from these leggings go directly to victims of the Nepal earthquake that occurred in April of 2015. This devastating earthquake displaced and affected so many, and we are incredibly thankful that we can assist these individuals, even in a small way.


So, what about Tibetan Prayer Flags themselves?


It’s a common misconception that the Tibetan prayer flags from which we drew the inspiration for the leggings from hold an explicitly religious purpose. These flags are not used for the purpose of prayer, but rather as a means of promoting and celebrating values such as peace, compassion, and wisdom.


Tibetan Prayer Flag Legging

Featuring @abigail.corinne in our Tibetan Flag Legging and our Give Back Mantra Tee


If you’re interested in hanging a Tibetan flag yourself, know that attitude is so important to the hanging process. If these flags are hung with ego-centered motivation, the benefits will be little to none. However, if these flags are raised with the intention that all may benefit from them, such motivation increases the power of the flags. The mantras you set as you hang these flags are blown into the wind, releasing your intentions into the universe.


Tibetan Prayer Flag Legging

Featuring @israaizzy  in our Tibetan Flag Legging


Now what about the yoga cropped legging itself!? They are a longer crop, thicker material, and compressive fit. They do run a bit on the smaller side. They definitely flatter and hold you in. In addition, they have a nice little hidden pocket on the inside - perfect for a debit card or small key. Let’s see what some of our customers say:


AMAZING! “I LOVE these leggings - It’s been 2 days wearing them, and I’ve had so many compliments, I feel awesome in them! Super comfy, I love the little front mini pocket for keys when I go jogging. I also tend to be very particular on the fitting around the waistband, and these are great - no tugging or pulling them up! Fits great and I love the style and pattern so much!!”


 So eye-catching! I ordered these on sale and I'm thrilled. The small was a little snug and I wanted to be able to live in these as much as I do my other Joriki leggings so I am gifting them to my sister and I ordered an additional pair in medium. They're the kind of leggings people will stop and compliment you on. ,) The cut is perfect, the fabric is soft and the print is so pretty!


We hope that you enjoyed learning more about Tibetan prayer flags and our inspired yoga legging! Click here if you are interested in shopping this print. For more from us, please follow us on Instagram @jorikiyoga. Feel free to tag a friend below that you think would appreciate this post!

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