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Yoga Clothes For Women: From the Studio to the Street


 yoga clothes for women


We all love yoga, and we all love brunch. But planning, packing, and changing from one outfit to another can be a huge bummer and pain in the butt. That’s why we need clothes that are both perfect for Down Dog as well as indulging in an egg white omelette and Bloody Mary - or whatever else tickles your fancy after a yoga class.


We consider it necessary for our yoga clothes to be everyday pieces - from one activity to the other. And here at Joriki, we got your back (literally). We’re going to show you how to transition your yoga outfits from the studio to the street. Below are five staple Joriki pieces that are perfect for both yoga and hanging / going out in the city. 

White Oversize Drape Back Tank

Price: $58


For the Studio


women's yoga topwomen's yoga top


This heavenly-soft tank completes a perfect yoga outfit. The cut-out on the back allows for you to stay cool while you break a sweat in the studio, and its asymmetrical shape keeps it out of your face when you're upside down. It can be worn a number of ways - let loose or tied up in the front or back. It' a great everyday yoga top, and if you live in Chicago, make sure you check out our picks for the 9 best yoga studios in Chicago to show off this tank at. Not only will you have a perfect new top for every occasion, but also a percentage of your sale will go to help Kiva, a charity that provides micro-loans to impoverished woman with entrepreneurial potential.  

For the Street


 yoga clothes for women


Tie up the tank, throw a denim jacket over it and - viola! This looks so simple and casual that you can even keep your sneakers on. Just like that, you’re ready to make the most out of those bottomless mimosas. An additional perk to this top is that it can easily be untied to cover up your post-brunch food baby. Make this tank a closet staple by getting it in all of the essential colors; white, grey, and black.


Grey Graffiti Panda Twist Back Tank

Price: $68

For the Studio


yoga top for womenYoga top for women


This tank is as adorable as it is versatile. With a cute panda on the front and a twist on the back, this is a perfect tank for an intense yoga class where nothing can get in your way. We give props to Domingo Zapata, the wonderful artist that designed this too-cute panda. Each sale of this top (and any Panda print) goes back to Kiva, so #lookforwardgiveback today. 

For the Street


yoga clothes for women


Pair an edgy leather jacket with this tank and you have an amazing street-chic outfit. This can be dressed up by tucking it into a mini-skirt or dressed down by slipping on some ripped jeans. It looks perfectly conservative from the front - but adds a sexy touch when you slip off your jacket, dipping low on the sides and showing a little bit of your back.

Give back Mantra Tee

Price: $58

For the studio


yoga top for womenyoga top for women


Our classic mantra-tee would is the perfect addition to your yoga-apparel closet. It is incredibly soft and lightweight, making it great for any class that gets your heart pumping. The loose fit allows for it to be tied up and converted into a crop. It comes in all of the essential colors; white, grey, and black. This shirt may seem simple, but its message means a lot. With our Give Back Tee, yogis can practice in style, comfort, and also give back to Kiva - making it a triple threat.


For the Street

yoga tops for women

yoga clothes for women

yoga clothes for women


The simplicity of this tee makes it pair perfectly with denim. It can be worn during the day, and also at night with the right jacket over it. Celebrate giving back and looking cute at the same time with this top.


Frost + Black Graffiti Panda Sweatshirt

Price: $108

For the Studio


sweatshirt with thumbholes for women


The high cuts on the side of this sweatshirt in addition to the thumb holes make this a great lightweight sweatshirt to throw on after a yoga class. It is just cozy enough to keep you warm, but not to the point of overheating.


For the Street


women's sweatshirt with thumbholes 


The subtle graphic on this sweatshirt makes it cute enough to wear to get coffee after a workout. It is easy, lightweight, and comfortable. But, if a graphic or the color grey isn’t your thing, this sweatshirt comes in three different styles. Upgrade your athleisure collection while also supporting Kiva.


Abstract Floral Crop Legging

Price: $118


For the Studio  


floral cropped leggings


These beautifully-vibrant leggings designed by Domingo Zapata are bound to turn some heads when you walk into yoga class. The combination of colors and flowers are not only perfect for summer, but can absolutely brighten up any other day. These leggings act as a second skin - soft, lightweight, and breathable, making them perfect for just about any occasion. In these leggings you can make a statement not only fashion-wise but by helping the women at Kiva with each purchase. 


For the Street

 yoga leggings for women

You might have thought that these leggings looked much too “busy” to be transitionable for everyday wear, but when paired with a light cargo jacket and toned down with a plain grey tank this outfit is perfect for any errands you may have to run. Not only will you be comfortable in these leggings, but you’ll have a perfectly paired outfit. 

By just getting a few of these staple pieces into your closet, you can have endless outfits - both for practicing yoga and everyday. All it takes is a few of these items to really transform your wardrobe, and make sure that you get full use out of these high-quality pieces. We hope you got some great styling tips and ideas on how to wear your Joriki. Follow us at @jorikiyoga for more tips and tricks, and tag us on instagram with #myjoriki and #lookforwardgiveback to show us how you style these closet staples.

And if you don’t have any Joriki yet, then you’re  luck. Shop our collections here and click below to get your code for 20% off your next purchase.

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